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Black Friday Haul

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The Gentleman’s Lounge Coming Jan. 2019

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2nd Book Coming Out December 15th

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What’s going on my Diamonds and Diamond Status gents? So officially Living The Diamond Life will be out and available December 15th! You can preorder on my website. But, Available on Kindle and Amazon December 15th. What to expect? This book challenged me, inspired me and helping me to go further. So what should you expect? It will challenge, inspire and accomplish something things you’ve put off.

Living The Diamond Life expect to gain the power you need to shine bright!

Have Joy, Love and Be Empowered!

SALE....SALE....Black Friday & Cyber Monday ‼️‼️‼️

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🚨 🚨 WE GOT BUNDLES ‼️‼️ This weekend That Gem Ent. Will be running a Sale.  #BlackFriday  #SmallBusinessSaturday & #CyberMonday you will be able to get PreSale to the new 📚 and get Diamond Status gear! Let’s Go‼️ 

“Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!”

Mr. Diamond Status of That Gem Apparel

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Mr. Diamond Status is running a sale.  That's right it's his birthday and he decided to put all apparel on SALE!  Not just that, he also, has a special edition Diamond Status Tee for 2 for $35.  Click the SHOP TAB! OR go directly to  !!!!


Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!!!!
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Tonights show live #TheDiamondKutt #DLHughley said Hollywood knew #BillCosby was a predator. #ChurchNews lady try’s to get solo back. #KattWilliams claps at #KanyeWest and he also takes a stand on #SNL for #DonaldTrump 
Watch here;

American Freedom Insurance Review 👎🏾🤯🤬

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