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What’s going Diamonds 💎 and Mr. DiamondStatus Gents? Tonight we had a ball on The Diamond Kutt! Where it’s raw and unkutt! So IsomDiamonds was in rare form. Yep I’m blame it on my sis LOL!?! Check out my sis and myself right here:
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Have Joy,Love and be Empowered!

We’re Live Tonight! #TheDiamondKutt

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The Diamond Kutt Topics #Monique vs #Netflix , #SexDolls #TheQueensCourt & more

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Diamonds 💎 check out Tuesday show:

The Diamond Kutt Topics #ViralVideo #Beyonce #JayZ #MilanoPizza

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The Diamond Kutt Topics: #HM #LetsTalkAboutSex

The DiamOND Kutt #WivesHuddle #LetsTalkAbout Sex

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Tonight's Episode of The Diamond Kutt! We will be Talking about The Pastor and the First Lady getting arrested in a Human Trafficking ring. H&M LOSING they monkey a** mind. #TownHall meeting What's appropriate in your bedroom? #WivesHuddle#ViralVideo man talking to strong women. Telling y'all why you can't get a man. Really n*gga? Is it true. #TheDiamondKutt

Click here to see Last's Night's Episode of The Diamond Kutt:

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!