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The Diamond Kutt Topics #Monique vs #Netflix , #SexDolls #TheQueensCourt & more

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The Diamond Kutt Topics #ViralVideo #Beyonce #JayZ #MilanoPizza

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The Diamond Kutt Topics: #HM #LetsTalkAboutSex

The DiamOND Kutt #WivesHuddle #LetsTalkAbout Sex

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Tonight's Episode of The Diamond Kutt! We will be Talking about The Pastor and the First Lady getting arrested in a Human Trafficking ring. H&M LOSING they monkey a** mind. #TownHall meeting What's appropriate in your bedroom? #WivesHuddle#ViralVideo man talking to strong women. Telling y'all why you can't get a man. Really n*gga? Is it true. #TheDiamondKutt

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The Diamond Kutt Topics: Sister Ball Lick Lady, James Hall & more

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New Show Alert! The Diamond Kutt

You don't want to miss this Show! Ms. Tra` "That Gem" and IsomDiamonds is ready to give y'all the real.  For far to long we been playing the roles.  It's time to take the mask off and uncover the foolishness.  We will be answering questions and doing Hot Topics as well this is the time to give it to the people.  Raw and Uncut booski! Come Thru here Diamonds!

Starting Tuesday January 9th at 9pm CST/10PM EST.  Chitown Stand up ATL are you ready? Catch the Replay on GemSpotTV AND IsomDiamonds.

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