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Kenya says a GOODBYE RHOATL......

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Diamonds and Gents Gone with the Wind fab Kenya Moore has bid a long farewell to Real Housewives of ATL.  Now, I must say this is odd.  Because, this season was the top rated season since she was on it.  Without missy pooh wild crazy antics it wasn't worth the watch.  Bravo bad call on your part Just Saying.

The rest of the ladies are boring as ever.  She gave it life well read the long good bye then let me know what you think down below.

Click Kenya Moore good bye here:

Much Love Darlings!!!

GEM SpotTV Check it out!!!! (Sub Today)

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What's up Diamonds and Gents I have a great way for you too see live interviews, me do me and just a lot of laughs.  Check it out to see what my channel is all about:

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LisaRaye Set to Star in Monica as a STRIPPER????

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Diamonds and Gents I was looking at S2S Mag May 2013 issue.  I was surprise to see LisaRaye set to start in new film Monica as a Stripper.  Now, now I know y'all like she was Diamond.  But, she just has accomplish so much so taking that role seems odd to me.  Aw in the pic is Carmen Electra and K.D. Aubert.

Ok Former 1st lady, Single Ladies star, a few movies under her belt and the list is still climbing.  Now, she got so upset at the guy In The Real McCoy (Former Reality show) for having a butt shot of her on his front cover.  So in order to be a stripper in a movie you got to strip.

Now, I'm not down playing anyone's profession.  But, don't get mad about your booty shot.  Then 
play a stripper.  Makes no sense to me. I honestly love me some LisaRaye because, she is from Chi-Town and she took nothing and made it something you got respect that.  But, I don't kno…

Don't ask me about Lil Wayne Other Baby Mama's! (Lauren London)

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Well Yes Diamonds and Gents Lauren London said don't ask her no more dag gum questions about Lil Wayne other baby mama's. Lauren London is on the cover of JET Mag.  She is giving them the truth.  Got Much respect for Ms. London after this interview.

Well, it seems every interview somehow people always work a question in about Lil Wayne and his other Baby mama's in and Ms. London said alright now that's it.  In her words" We get alone.  Me and Lil Wayne co-parent just fine.  People stop making a bigger deal out of it then what it is."

The star actress has landed a leading role in BET's The Game and is doing well.  She is a great mom.  That doesn't mind her son knowing his siblings.  She even mention how she is a ride or die kind of chick.  If she don't like ya guess what she don't mess with ya.

Go Ms. London way to speak up Girl.

You can catch Lau…

A Slimmer You Ms. Christina Aguilera Go Girl

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Diamonds and Gents Ms. Christina ain't playing with the people.  Former Voice judge has hit the red carpet for 100 time event.  You know them naming the 100 most influential peps.  Ms. Christina hit the carpet giving it to them baby.  You look good check it out:

That's right Ms. Christina give it to us.  Keep us motivate now we too can come down and look fab.  I'm loving it! Much Love Darlings!!!


"Catch the show from Feb 23 on She FEATURED"

Diamonds and Gents sit back and relax.  You thought my vid was funny.  You haven't seen nothing yet.  Much Love from KY/Nina is one of my favorite vloggers.  She is a business owner and also, one the sassy and candid women you could ever talk to.  She kicks those actually factual.  Well,  you can go to her website at .  Check out right here:

If you enjoyed that make sure you let her know.  You seen it here.  Ask her when she is coming back on Living It Up with Ms. Tra "That Gem".   Leave comments below I will read and maybe so will Much Love.

Much Love Darlings!!!

The Beyhive is on it No Bad Photos on the #MrsCarterWorldTour

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Diamonds and Gents the BeyHive is not playing.  Beyoncé camp is not allowing any professionalphotographer's for the Mrs. Carter World Tour.  Well, chile since the Super Bowl people were putting up unflattering pics of Ms. Bey.  Needless to say Ms. Bey and her publicist say hell naw you can't bring your camera.

So if any pics get out to the media outlets they are sure it will come from the fans.  To me that's the next best thing.  I don't know.  The Queen Bey as spoken.

What you think?  Will they just buy them or download them free off the fans IG accounts?  Or will they just say we don't need pics?

Much Love Darlings!!!

#LHHATL Sesaon 2 Premiere The Gossip Game ReCap

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Diamonds and Gents I got a review of VH1 line up and yes the premiere.  Check out what stuck out to me.  Right Here:

Let me know what you think about Premiere and the Gossip Game?  Down Below

Much Love Darlings!!!

Cee can see the Future....Ciara - Body Party(Review)

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Ciara is giving it to ya honnee.  This video got a rating score on the top right head corner (just kidding).  Baby I'm Just Saying!  1st girl you look great in this vid.  Ms. Lady keep it tight and right.  Then girl dance moves are always off the chain.  This that let me, but I NEED to lubricate them draws kind of music.  So warning Don't play if you been celibate and trying to stay that way.  Because Cee is giving you rolling, booty popping and oh yes honnee lil strip tease. Great music I see her man in the vid.  That's right Cee way to see your Future with Future.  Nice looking couple you guys are looking great.  Pop and drop.  Check it out down below:  Are you loving the new song?  Let me know Down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

You should've Pee Lil Scrappy....

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Lil Scrappy decide to turn himself in.  Well, as you know he didn't want to pee after a cold pee episode with the cops in March.  Any who, TMZ was on location when Erica Dixon and Mama Dee sporting her free Lil Scrappy Tee In dat Order.  Already boo!

So peein' is apart of Scrap, Scrap probation.  Well, needless to say if it's cold they won't go.  So Lil Scrappy turned his self in all while Love and Hip Hop ATL camera's caught the emotional moment on tape.  I feel sorry for my girl Erica Dixon what a way to start a future marriage.

How do you feel about it? Is it time for the A to get on board with legalizing Mary Jane? Or that fool don't need drugs? Comment down below!

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TMZ

Living True To Your Budget But Diamond Style

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Diamonds and Gents it's time to be true to a budget.  Live Diamond Status as well  You can do it.  Check out my video and see a few deals I got couponing:

What ways can you save?  Are you saving?  Drop it down Below.

Love and Hip Hop ATL Review will be posted to GEM SpotTV Tommorrow.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Miley is Ringless in LA

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Miley Cyrus Diamonds and Gents is without her Diamond.  Well, I don't know if it's getting repairs but Ms. Cyrus sho' had them booty shorts on without that ring. 

Former Disney Star is letting it all hang out.  Smokin' them trees and now no ring.  Girl what's up.  Well, at 20 years old mamacita  wanna find herself probably I don't know.

Let me know what you think?  Is Miley to young at 20years and ready to twerk on another?  What you think?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: E News

That Gem's Corner (What do I do my husband and good friend?)

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Remember you to can offer advice by just leaving a comment down below in the comment section. Well, Diamonds and Gents I got an email and here it is down below:

What's going on Ms. Tra That Gem?   Girl you were right.  I know you a looking at this computer like right about what?  I was the one that sent you message about my man being a Pastor and I thought he was cheating.  Well, needless to say he got tired of it and wanted to separate.  Which leads me to my new problem?  By the way I love you, your blog and your videos. You are super funny feel like you my long lost friend in my head (in my Wendy voice).  But, I didn't want you to make a video out of this.  Some stuff you just need to read in black and white.

Let me get to my problem.  Well, about little bit after I sent Mother Steel that letter my husband was getting feed up already.  Girl a storm was brewing and I wasn't aware.  OK. S…

So Lil Scrappy didn't want to PEE.....

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Honnee see now you know..   Ok Diamonds and Gents Lil Scrappy about to go to jail.  Well, there was a warrant issued for his arrest.  Because, my man didn't submit a urine test in ATL. 

Any who, The urine test is part of his 2008 probation for going to jail for marijuana possession.  Chile according to TMZ Lil Scrappy gave them some cold pee chileeeee.  And didn't want to pee again.  When the official ask my man to try that again.

LOL because he refuse they put my man behind them bars.  Mr. Daryl Richardson is asking for this issue to be handle by his lawyer in front of judge.  Lil Scrappy out now.  But, is schedule to appear in front of judge.  Officials is hoping his revocation warrant be re-issued. 

Lil Scrappy tell me you wasn't trying to pass off somebody pee for yours.  Say it ain't so SCRAP, SCRAP. 

What y'all think was he or wasn't he? 

Much Love Darlings!!…

Naw Lord They about to Evict Lauryn Hill.....

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Diamonds and Gents you read right her landlord is about evict her.  The former Fugee star and That Thing, That THING star is about to be out on the streets if she don't pay up.  Well, Ms. Lauryn Hill has been a resident in her mansion (South Orange, N.J.) since 2009.

Wait so last month for some reason Ms. Hill say hell naw I ain't paying no rent.  That's right, so her landlord took her to court and is asking for his money.  Or for her to leave the premises.

Lauryn Hill has had her fare share of court she also, was just in court for not paying taxes from 2005-2007.  She plead guilty but instead of doing the three years in jail.  She decide to do probation to pay off the whopping sum of 1.6 mil.  She owes the IRS.

Man where your celeb rich friends when you need them.  Y'all hold a benefit for your girl.  She need some help.  Even the church folk come together in a person'…

Living It Up with Ms. Tra` "That Gem": 04/20 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

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Yes Diamonds and Gents.  We put a voice to this blog.  Check the link Below If you missed it!  We are on Every Saturday at 1:30pmcst.

Living It Up with Ms. Tra` "That Gem": 04/20 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

Much Love Darlings!!!

Kim K. Can Now Celebrate her Divorce

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Kim K. and Kris Humphries are finally DIVORECED!

Now, Kanye are you going to make a West out of Kim K.  LOL 

Any who, Kris will not be getting any of the 7 mil.  he was asking for.  Also, he will not be receiving a fine for his M.I.A. he pulled.   You won't believe Kim K. was the one that ask the Judge not to fine Kris for his no show to court before. 

They each will pay there own attorney's fees.  Kim K. you are FREE!  Aw yeah divorce not annulled due to fraud.  Kris had no comment he said the Brooklyn Nets are playoff so he has practice.  He can now put this behind him.

What you think?  Did he give up because he pity her being preggers?  Or was he hoping to get that chop, chop cheddar change?

Much Love Darlings!!!

New Release For Will & Jaden Smith Movie (After Earth)

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Well, Diamonds and Gents change of plans.  The new release date for After Earth is May 31.  Now the movie is depicted on a young man Jaden character crash landing in a end of the world type of Earth.  Any who, Will Smith plays his father trying to teach his son that is more then what he thinks.  Any who,  don't for get to check it out.  Check Out Trailer here:

 Question did you know what the original date was LOL.  But, if you did change your plans you are now going to see May 31.  I know I will.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Earthquack Hits China 6.6

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Diamonds and Gents China needs your prayers.  With 160 found dead and 5,500 people injured  from the Earthquake that hit them at 8:20a.  The President  Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang said all efforts must be put into rescuing victims to limit the death toll.   All I have to say is my heart and prayers goes out to them.

Get The Full Story Here:

Much Love Darlings!!!


Special Report: 19 YEAR OLD SUSPECT BOMBER In Custody

"Catch Living It UP on 2moro. at 1:30pmcst"

Diamonds and Gents they got the young suspect.  He was wombed and it looks like he didn't get his Miranda rights.  They were trying to apprehend the suspect to keep the people safe.  The crowd was cheering as they took the suspect to custody.

All I have to say is Boston Police need a couple of these high profile cold cases like Tupac death and Biggie.  Maybe we can get some justice.  Boston Police found them young men quick.  Just Saying.  But, my heart goes out to the families that lost there love ones in Boston.  To the 3 that lost there lives R.I.P.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Guess who is joining the Mrs. Carter World Tour? My baby Luke James

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Yes honnee! Diamond and Gents Luke James will be joining Ms. Bey on her tour.  Well, Luke James has been doing is thang, thang.  He opened for Brandy in Philly. He was in my city at the Taste of Chicago.  Mr. James has been in movie and coped a award.  Let's not forget  BET RIP The Runway.

Busy, busy and more Busy.  Well Mr. Luke James sultry soulful voice will be opening the Mrs. Carter World Tour when it hits Europe.  Ms. Bey had some encouragement for the fine singer Luke James:

LukeJames is a gifted singer and songwriter and what he does on stage with his pure falsetto is incredible.  I am excited to have him join the tour and to introduce this soulful singer to an audience in Europe that will be discovering a true star. Check him out on the cover of Stuff Fly people Like Magazine . Make ya want to get to Europe to be at the show instead.  Just Saying. Are you looking forward to t…

One Down and One on the run (Boston bomber suspects)

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Well, Diamonds and Gents they found suspects linked to the Boston bombing.  Officials in the attempt to bring them down  one lost his life 26 year old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev  The other suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev 19 is on the run. These two men are brothers and were picked up in surveillance footage.

This is tragedy.  Every time, you talk to family and friends about people like this they always say they're angels  Upstanding citizens there's never a trace they could do such a thing as this.

Man, what is it that just make people snap?  Any who, check out the link below for full story.

Don't forget to comment and follow/subscribe.

Click this link to find out full story:

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: Yahoo Blogs

Ms. Tra` at the Black Expo prt. 1

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Check out The Black Expo through Ms. Tra` "That Gem"  eyes LOL Or should I say camera.

Check out the link here:
Part 2 coming soon.  With R&B Diva Faith Evans getting down. Become a Follower today! Much Love Darlings!!!

What's your crazy habit or obession???? (My Crazy Obession TLC)

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So Diamonds and Gents TLC is at it again.  Trying to make ya watch 1st strange addiction now My Crazy Obsession.  They got doll lovers, blow up doll lovers, collectors but they have lost straight touch with reality.

Now I have a weird habit oh yes I do.  To calm my never I rub on my couch, on my pants and even my pocket.  It keeps me calm.  Don't judge me LOL. But, obsession I can't think of one.

Make sure to check your local listings.

Anyhow, will you tune in to this show?  What's your crazy habit and or obsession let me know?  Comment down BELOW.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Picture is property of and not and all rights reserve to TLC

Rock-n- Roll Hall of Fame 2013 My favs

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Yes Diamonds and Gents 2013 Rock -N- Roll hall famers are out and I am sharing with you now my favs check it out!

  Queen of Disco Donna Summers

Blues Guitarist Albert King

Public Enemy

Legendary Producer Quincy Jones

Congratulation's to all inductees including Canadian rock band Rush.  Also Northwestern band Heart.

What's your favorite memories of these bands?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Rumors fly Around About RIRI (Rihanna) Being Preggers

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Yes Diamonds and Gents the Tabloids are speculating.  Aw let's not forget TMZ is trying to get to the bottom of it as well. It has been reported that Rihanna canceled several dates of her Diamond World Tour.  Now, although she said it is due to a month long throat infection. Poor boo, boo. 

TMZ spotted Ms. RIRI coming out of a doc's office or med building in Beverly Hills yesterday.  They just wanted to  know HONNEE.  Well they asked  how she was feeling.  She responded" by saying better."   But check out the vid footage :

I can't see a baby bump.  So I'm count that has a rumor until proven otherwise.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Terror On Washington through Letter to President Obama

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents?  Why am I not surprised about this news?  Well, you read title right they tried to send a letter to President Obama laced in risin.  Now anytime there is a terrorist attack.  They always want to send crap through the mail.  Remember 9/11 and the anthrax scare to Washington.

So now we know it was a terrorist attack now It's time for Pres. Obama to feel down there and fine the shark invested in his grunion region.  I'm Just Saying!  It's time for him to address these bastards aggressively as possible.

Let them know we America we don't play this here.  Any who, they lock down a few buildings and evaluated the building.  Check out full story here:

Ok is America still safe? Are we handling this aggressive enough?  What do you …

No Beyonce wasn't Naked in Serbian concert

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Yes honnee Diamonds and Gents the people thought Ms. Bey was naked.  Beyoncé kicked off her Mrs. Carter Tour Monday in Serbia.  And girly had the nipples golden.  Now, a lot of people were so outraged talking crazy.  She is mama she shouldn't this or that.  Chile, have y'all taken note.  Beyoncé has always brought the sexy when it comes to her performance get- up.  So check out if you don't believe me.  But for now I got the costume here...

It's just funny to me how people always quick to say she is a mother.  Girly is a performer.  Madonna walked around with tassels for years no one mention she was a mom.  All I have to say is Beyoncé better thank Blue Ivy because my darling didn't have no tits and now look she had to put a lil gold on the nipple because even she can't believe it. Wow, is this going to far for Beyoncé? Or is she a entertainer? What's your thoughts comment do…

Chile Michael turning over in his grave Prince Jackson Packing

"Catch Living It Up on Saturday at 1:30pmcst"

Yes Diamonds and Gents Prince Jackson is so hood.  My man had brief stand off with the PO PO.  LOL Stop it now, 16 year old Prince Jackson was stopped for illegal lights on his vehicle.  However brief it was he was sited and sent on his way.  The LAPD let him go.  See now I guess we know what color he really is just saying.  Well, he removed the lights and went on his marry way.

Chile, Micheal you didn't shelter him enough or maybe to much.  Honnee a MESS!

Is Prince Jackson working the Jackson name or what?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TMZ

Ok So what Did you want Pres. Obama to say (Boston Terror)

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Diamonds and Gents if you haven't please pray for all involve in this tragedy.  Pray for those who lost there love ones.  Pray for those injured.  Even pray that the terrorist get brought to justice.

Well, I guess it won't be news if it wasn't the president's fault.  According to the National Post the people wanted more then President Obama vague statement.  And I quote" The people of Boston deserve better then Obama's vague statement".  There were people outraged on Twitter and other social media that our President didn't call these attacks what they were.  An act of Terror. 

According to the national Post, the people feel our President is weak and to liberal to handle such terror.  Check out full story

I don't know what do you think?  Should President Oba…

Boston On High ALERT Aftermath

"Catch Living It Up on Saturday @1:30pmcst"

Oh my Diamonds and Gents Boston needs your prayers.  There was a stream of bombings that took place today resulting in 3 being killed and 140 wounded.  The police commissioner let it be known he is not at ease.  This bombing resulted in people losing limbs and a lot of blood splattered.  They are in high alert.

For more info check out this link:

My heart goes out to every victim and family member that was effected by this tragedy.  Please people pray for our country.  This attack leaves me to wonder where is our strength.  This terrorist attack leaves me to believe we are not protecting our country to our fullest potential anytime we get an attack like this and no one knew nothing.  Wasn't even aware.  I don't know.

All I have to say is I'm praying for ou…

Wake Up My Black Diamond sistah's.... (That Gem's Corner)

"Catch Radio Show Saturday on at 1:30pmcst"

Well, Diamonds I just saw something that disturb me.  The pic you see is of a woman that was on display by European's as nothing more then a  circus act, sex act and even prostitute.  Wow, what she had to be subjected to and even used for til death and even beyond for 200 years is crazy.  They had this woman's sexual parts on display in a museum like she wasn't nothing til 1985. 

What amazes me is we went from fighting for our freedom, being bought and sold as cattle.  To being the best twerkers or A shakers in the world.  My how we have falling my Black Diamond Sistah's.  We went from being call the salt of the Earth and queens.  To being called B's and Hoe's.  We went from being Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ida B Wells and even Cleopatra.  To being Video Vixens, strippers, drug addicts and even Rappers with our A out.  Getting bought and…

Chile They walked out on Hustle Man (Tracey Morgan)

"Catch Radio Show Saturday on at 1:30pmcst"

Diamonds and Gents Hustle Man sexiest comments didn't fly with the Australia audience.  Well during Melbourne International Comedy Festival Mr. 30 Rock said something them women didn't like.  Now, while it wasn't really disclose what was said but let's just say 50 women walked out Hustle Man show.  Wait and now they are boycotting Mr. Man show. 

The activist there are on it.  Well according to blog by activist Melinda Tankard Reist she is boycotting his show.  Violent acts toward women will not be tolerated.  And if mainstream pop culture keeps advocating such violence they will be force to keep boycotting.  Not her words verbatim Ms. Tra` twist but mostly hers LOL

Now wait now , a spokesperson for  Live Nation, says they only received one complaint following his performance in Sydney on Friday.  So guess who stop to complain take a wild guest.  She said there is governm…

Bri- Bri (Britney Spears) got her man...

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Britney Spears has den got her man.  Well her and David has been spotted a few days ago shopping.  Now, Bri- Bri be careful honnee.  Because when you break-up mugs try to make you break up with yourself to boo.  I sure hope you stay in tune with your star player this time.  Read full story here:

What you all think?  Is it dangerous for Ms. Bri- Bri to date?  Remember her baby father now.  JS


Much Love Darlings!!!

NeNe Leakes got a Raise In the sum of a MIL......

"Check out Gem Spot TV By going to Right Now"

Chile, Diamonds and Gents listen.  Nene Leakes is in the money.  Yes honnee Bravo is making her the highest paid Housewife since they started the Franchise.  Oh yeah with bonuses and salary Ms. Girl is rich.  With a current net worth of 4.5 million dollars.  She is Hollywood bound and ready.  You go Ms. Leakes!

You have to really give props where props is due.  Girly made her 5 mins of fame really work for her.  Took that 5 and made it 4.5 soon to be 5.5 million.  Go head, go head!

Do you all think she is the FAVORITE?  How would you feel as a housewife?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Fantasia - Without Me ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott (Music Review)

"Catch Radio Show Every Saturday on at 1:30pmct"

Diamonds and Gents ideally this is the best combination musically I can think of honnee.  Yes! But, I like the song.  What I don't like is that demonic voice effect.  Honnee it takes something away from the music.  It really does.  Now with Kelly and Fanstasia doing a song 2gether I was like to diamonds on the same track.  There voices 2gether will be magic.  But, it was ok.

All I have to say with my girl Missy being on it I was expecting more with that beat,  Girly is known for epic beats.  Well, Diamonds and Gents I rate this song a 3 out 5 gems being the best you can get.  Because, the demonic voice took something from the vocals.    The beat I was expecting more.  The 3 is for the music combo being an epic one.  Tasia and Kelly 2gether voices are magically.  Missy is my girl enough said.

Check it out for yourself:

What you think comment down below?

My Star Player Gent Katt Williams Back In tune

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Yes Diamonds and Gents you are reading right.  KATT Williams is back in tune with his star player.  Good for you Katt Williams.  Well he will be in upcoming movie Scary Movie 5.  He had a recent interview with Concrete Loop check it out:

What I love is he address the current state of black comedy.  He also, talked about how he is getting therapy.  Mr. Katt Williams also address bad press he has been getting.  Be sure to check out the full interview at the link above.

This Saturday Radio with Vickie Winans will be reschedule.  But, still stay tune.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: Concrete Loop

Wait ain't that Brandy's brother (So what you hit it?)

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Well, Diamonds and Gents.  Ray J is wrong for this one.  He has song called "I Hit It 1ST".  Let's just say he talking about Kim K.  While his sister is in a movie with her.  Honnee....  Aw yeah and Brandy ain't to happy about this song.  Ray J said it's just a marketing strategy for other projects.  He is doing the most any who check out this link:

Let me know what you think?  Why is my man digging way back in the stone ages to be in the media.  Have you realize this woman has had several relationships and so have you.  Boy get your life and get it again anyway check out the link and let me know what you think?

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Much Love Darlings!!!

I'm so glad RIRI & Breezy working it OUT

"Catch the Radio show Every Saturday on at 1:30pmct"

Yes Diamonds and Gents the couple has been spotted.  2gether again all they want to be is 2gether again.  Which is good!   I'm telling you I am super happy darlings!!!  Because, girly stay happy getting wit' , I'm sorry being with Chris Breezy LOL.

Well good for you'll.  She took her a break and they went on a shopping trip go head y'all.

What y'all think?  Do you think they've ever broken up? Did we the bloggers get it wrong?


Much Love Darlings!!!

Lord They about 2 Put Flav in Jail

"Catch Radio Show Every Saturday on at 1:30p"

Wait now Diamonds and Gents y'all need to send Flavor Flav the memo.  It ain't cool to be butcher knifin' yo' baby mama chiren.  Chile a Las Vegas judge says it's enough evidence for Mr. Flavor Flav to stand trial.  Well, he has been allege trying to get his long time girlfriend 17 year old son with a knife.  Honnee wait NOW! 

Flavor Flav being 54 years old and reality tv star ought a knew that once lil man got his butt on stand today it was a wrap.  He decided not to speak today.  William Drayton Jr is believed to be pleading not guilty.  Yes where in the hellz Flavor Flav come from. Junior...

Well, the arraignment will take place April 18th.  He is accused of assault with a weapon and child endangerment.  Mr. Man may even face up to 8 to 12 years in prison.

What yall think? Is Drayton guilty? Or is the 17 year old out of line?

Much Love Darlings!!!

Love and Hip Hop Season 3 Reunion Prt. 1 The Gossip Game ReCap

"Catch Radio Show on Saturday at 1:30pmcst"

Yes I chimed in Diamonds & Gents check it out:

Much Love Darlings!!!

Look at Who's on the Cover of Essence!!!

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Look at her Diamonds and Gents just gorg!  I love at Janelle Monae.  You need to get her in your musical rotation.  She made a way for herself and has not compromise to get to her dreams.  I love it!!  My Diamonds sistah you ROCK! 

Yesterday, she delivered an emotional speech at Essence Dinner Party.  Explaining to the people why she wears a suit all the time.  She said"  I wear a suit for every waitress every worker.  That wears a uniform and work hard.  My mom and dad were hard workers.  They wore a uniform every day."  Needless to say there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Got get her in your musical rotation!  I will be purchasing that one and you should too.

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Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: Essence online

Here's Another Sad Love song Chris Brezzy & Rihanna call it QuITS Again

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Didn't I tell ya Diamonds and Gents, sad music run in her veins,  She can't be sad getting her swerve on.  Just Saying.  Well a source told E News that it is official the couple has called it quits.  The insider let it be know RiRi will always love Chris Breezy she just got move on for now.  Which is good for her in way, because girl just explain to me.  Why you were caught up in a love triangle?

What do you all think?  Do you all think this is good for her?  Or was she tired of being second?

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Much Love Darlings!!!

Amber Rose I know them ain't what I think on Toddler Sebastian!!

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Yes Diamonds and Gents can you believe your eyes.  Amber Rose N The wonderful Wiz of Oz.  I mean Wiz Khalifa.  Have loss it on IG!  I told y'all!  This Social media get you caught off guard everytime.  People on Instagram peed- off boo.  Amber Rose been deleting comments all day boo!  Check the pic out:

Is that dem' de're trees.  I'ma wondering???  Baby y'all need to stop it now. What ya think?  Is this pic distasteful?  Or do the baby even realize this early what's on him? Comment and Become a FOLLOWER TODAY. Much Love Darlings!!!

My new Diamond SISTAH Kim Coles!!! (Love Her)

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Diamonds and Gents I met the beautiful actress, comedienne and author Ms. Kim Coles.  She is so beautiful and super down to earth funny.  Now she is funnier then me LOL.  We talk for hot second but it was amazing.  She ask me my name I had to let her know I'm Ms. Tra " That Gem" I'm a Diamond and she sang "Shine bright like Diamond"!  Kim Coles said I like that! Yay, Yay LOL.

Wrote down when I was 10 years old I will get a chance to meet her.  Other comedians are on the list.  Ever sense I knew I was called to make people laugh and empower people I've been doing that where ever I go.  I said, once I meet her I knew God was letting me know; It's my time NOW.  I'm telling y'all I'm in tears I feel closer to my destiny.  It's so close I can taste it. Hell start sniffing I can even smell it.  I smell ya boo.

And lo' and behold she wa…

Faith Evans Got Down Tonight!

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Yes Diamonds and Gents!  I was at the Black Expo for Today's Black woman.  Baby, Faith Evans performed.  ALLLLLLLL I HAVE TO SAYYYYY IS Ms. Faith got down.  1st the comedian that opened for her was almost as good as me.  Just Saying forgot boo name.  But, he is on the Doug Banks show every morning on the radio.  So you can catch my man there.  But, I mention my dude because he had to stay on the stage a hour because Faith was super late.

But, after she start singing I forgot how late she was.  Did I say she got down?  Yes she did! I'll have a highlight vid coming up soon on Gem Spot TV.  All I have to say is go get that CD from the R&B Divas.  She sang one of the songs man she got down.

Well, as I was walking into the EXPO I seen Beautiful talented Ms. Kim Coles.  Oh yes I will be going to see the WOO-WOO STAR TOMORROW!  I love her I'm try and get a picture with her tomo…