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R.I.P. Paul Walker Fast & Furious Star

"Catch Soul Train Awards Review on GEMSpotTV tomorrow night!" Diamonds and Gents oh wow.  Paul Walker is deceased.  He died in car crash according to his publicist he was the passenger in the vehicle.  The Fast and Furious Star was only 40 years old. My thoughts and prayers go out to Paul Walker family.  This is a real tragedy. Much Love Darling!!!  

Gucci Mane Give that Glock up!

"Check out my Review of Soul Train Awards Sunday night on GEMSpotTV !" Diamonds and Gents Gucci Mane is in the news again.  But, this time Uncle Sam want that Glock and that Taurus.  So everyone know about his previous run ins with the law.  Due to that they want his guns.   According to a federal indictment, the government wants Mane to surrender his 2 guns, a 40 caliber Glock and a 45 caliber Taurus.  They also want the ammo that goes with it.  DAG!  What can he do with the ammo without the guns? Just Saying. I don't know but, I think that's fair.  Just that will open my man up.  He need to get security that has license to shot a nig on site ya feel me.  What ya think?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!! Source: TMZ

Lil Mama Gets Sued By Lawyer & have to cut the Lost

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Diamonds and Gents it just got real.  So Lil Mama lawyer was working on her being able to keep her stage name Lil Mama.  So in 2008 my man claim she stop paying him.  So in 2011, he filed a case against her.  Needless to say she played in the TLC movie and my man got some of that bread.

He won his case in the sum of $18k that was fees, court cost and interest.  All I have to say is pay your lawyer or they will sue you trust.

What ya think?  Let me know in the comment section.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Evelyn Lozada is 6 months Preggers

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Diamonds and Gents Evelyn Lozada is preggers 6 months.  Aw yeah and guess what chile it wasn't on accident.  Well, apparently Ms. Evelyn has been dating this guy now for a year after her September 2012 public divorce with oh boy Ochocinco.  The guy and her plan the baby.

Dag starting all over really?  You go girl.  Because, her oldest is 20 years old, well one thang for sure she got help.  Well congrads to you Ms. Evelyn.  But, oh wee I wonder what 58 thinks about all of this.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Not the Hypeman... SB Tat

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Diamonds and Gents SB is letting it be known he is not the hypeman but Nicki Minaj is his boo.  SB in his latest blog showed his latest tat of a pink haired Nicki Minaj with her tongue and cleavage out.  Check out the vlog:

Here is the link:

So do you agree with SB.  Some people get tats of people they don't know or is this a symbol of his love for Nicki.  Let me know down below hat you think.

Dancing With the Stars Winner

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Diamonds and Gents I am so excited to announce this winner because girlfriend danced her behind off.  Season 17 winner is drum roll please...  Ms. Amber Riley.  Oh yes from the beginning of this contest.  Ms. Riley has been given you fever.

She has execute her moves with ease.  Oh yeah and Ms. Lady is a curvy girl all while doing it.  You go head Ms. Riley.  All I have to say is go girl.  Me being a size 10/12 I was and still is thick.  And to see her do that with ease you go head.

So needless to say #teamthatgem is so proud of you boo.

Congratulate her down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

A Diamond In a Ruff S1 Ep. 5

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Check out Episode 5 Please share:

Much Love Darling!!!

Movie Review "The Best Man Holiday"

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Diamonds and Gents if you haven't been to see The Best Man Holliday really?  What are you waiting for?  From 1 to 5 gems I give this movie a 4.  It had twist and turns made you cry and laugh.  After 15 years they came back and created the magic they did 15 years ago.  They all look wonderful and the story line made me cry and laugh.

All I'm say is I didn't see it coming Mia.  Please go see it I'm not going to say nothing else but I would like to dialogue with those that have seen it so message me on or Tweet me at @MsTraThatgem.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Flo Rida Getting sued for Child Support

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Diamonds and Gents so oh yes we have another one but this time they are being sued for there child support before the baby gets here.  Flo Rida is being accused of getting a video vixen Natasha Williams pregnant.  She hasn't even given birth yet.  This is crazy wierd well they are saying she is suing for good fortune child support (In Florida if you get pregnant by a rich person you can sue for good fortune child support).  Because, after all she has hit the jack pot.

Ms.  Lady saying she need help with pre-natal assistance and other pregnancy related expenses. She also wants daycare expenses, insurance and other things you get when you get preggers by a rich dude.

Chile, a mess.

What ya think?  Diamonds and Gents comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Marc Anthony has baby mama Drama!

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Diamonds and Gents what's going on!  Miss y'all!  Well, let's talk about it so Marc Anthony Ex-wife before Ms. J. Lo, Dayanara Torres wants her child support increase boo.  Naw ya'll check this out the child support she gets now is $13,000 dollars a month.  Wait this is due to the fact Mr. Man said he was having money troubles.  So Ms. Torres said I want more.  His many clothing lines and other projects are making that dinero ya dig.

She is asking for the max.  That is $121,000 dollars a month.  Now what you think Diamonds and Gents is that to much money? Comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series S1 Ep4

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Check out Episode 4:

Comment let us know what you think!

Much Love Darlings!!!

Sylvia Browne Psychic Dead

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Diamonds and Gents you know there is no secret that I am not fond of what I call the counterfeit of the prophetic.  But, I still can respectfully say R.I.P. to Sylvia Browne who passed at the age of 77.  She Passed Nov. 20th.  She was surrounded around family and friends.

She was known for her many appearances on Montel Williams show, Larry King Live and also Unsolved Mysteries.  She also, assist on many missing persons cases. 

Diamonds and Gents check out A Diamond In a Ruff Web Series.  By click the web series tab or go to

Much Love Darlings!!!

A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series s1 ep3

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hat's going Diamonds and Gents?  I appreciate all your support of the show.  Check out Episode 3 right now.

Much Love Darlings!!!

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