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Texas de Brazil Resturant Review!

Dining sensation darlings!! Well, y'all know I give everything I review 1 to 5 gems.  I give this 3 1/2 gems.  Now, some may not agree with this review but, child if you went on two different days you will see what I mean.  Now, the first time I went.  I went with the hubby and the Green's.  Me and Precious was in shock.  EVERYTHING WAS SENSATIONAL!  The meat was cook right, the server was super fantastic.  It was a Sunday and I have never experience a buffet like this.  Let me explain.  Now, you walk in the place it's 5 star baby.  It's in downtown Chicago.  My God beautiful.  You set down and you are greeted by a server.  The server explains to you how you can get some of the many meats that you see floating around the room.  By, simply flipping this round card from red to green.  They bring meat to your table as long as you have the card on green.  Next, you can go to the buffet and get your sides.  They still bring butter potato's to your table.  Now on a Sun

Charlie Den' Got Fired!

Get a load of that!  Well, that's right out of control Charlie Sheen got fired from Two and Half Man.  Wow can you believe it.  It's been said, the negative press Mr. Sheen has been getting has come into play.  The decision was made yesterday.  And, Yes fans are in a uproar.  They are saying the show will not be funny without him.  Well, I don't know, but you weigh in?  Do you think the show will be funny without Charlie?  Do you think he can be replaced?  Leave comment below. Sat. Radio show will be a good one.  Soulful artist Camille Brown will be on Air with yours truly.  On . You can also, listen live @ 424-675-8225. Check your local listing!  Much Love Darlings! image provide @