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Check out this interview click on the link to see Fanstsia interview with Wendy Williams Thisthe link for the young man that spoke out against Bishop Eddiw Long his accuser. also is

OMG Bishop Say it aint so!!!

Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly has been with 3 young man.  They range from 19-21.  It has been reported, that the young men have been involve with the Bishop sexual and even took trips with the Bishop.  These trips were masked as mentor retreats and other various ways.  I will bring you more as more come up.  But, what I can say is if this is true accept what you have done and do what as it takes to repent and get right before God.  Take your punishment and step down as pastor.  Much Love Darlings!!!

Takers, Step Up 3D, Salt & Lottery Ticket!

Takers I was watching television and this critic was saying how bad Takers was.  But, Takers was very good.  For the cast they put together I was pretty surprise.  It was action pack.  There was allot of twist and turns.  It was pretty good if I can give it some gems from 1to 5 I would give it 4 gems.  For great action. Step Up 3D At 1st, I was thinking why 3D .  Now I'm thinking why not 3D .  It was awesome the way the characters jump right out toward you.  The story line was typical.  But, the dancers were so good you look past all that.  The water was going right down your glasses.  If I could give it gems from 1 to 5 I would give it 3 1/2 gems.  For good performance. Salt Man Angelina Jolie did her thing as always.  I thought maybe the tough action woman would be a over kill.  But, it totally wasn't.  She worked it.  OK in Salt it was about a Russian terrorist.  Who took children from there parents.  Train them to be killers.  They were planted all over in differ