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Saf’fire Web Series Episode 2

“Get Your Living The Diamond Life book today!” What’s happening #DiamondSquad !?! Saf’fire episode 2 is finally here and it’s bringing you drama. Take a look :

Juneteenth June 19th

Get your Living The Diamond Life book today!?! By: Ms. Trā “That Gem” re  Juneteenth June 19 th What’s going on #DiamondSquad!?! We are excited to announce so many people have decided to celebrate this year.  So many have even decided not to celebrate the fourth of July in their efforts to celebrate this great holiday.  Now I know some would say this should’ve been January 1, 1863.  But, hey some are stubborn and still wanted to keep that free labor going huh? Anyhow, it took two and half years and on June 19, 1865 our ancestors became free.  So if you see any celebrations today.  Celebrate with them! Stay safe in this current climate.  That Gem Enterprises LLC is excited to celebrate this one for the culture.  If you are celebrating Juneteenth comment below?  I will personally stop by Bar University TV celebration on today.  Thrown by our very own Mysfit Assistant Director of That Gem Enterprises.  Let’s do it !   Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!  Juneteenth comment below?  I will per

Saf’fire Web Series Episode 1

Check out Episode One right here!  

No Premiere Party/There Will Be A Wrap Party July 2020

“Living The Diamond Life Journal coming soon!” What’s going on Diamonds and my DiamondStatus Gents!?! Due to unforeseen circumstances we won’t be having a Premiere Party June 14th. We will be having a Wrap Party in July. Official date will be coming to you.  But, Saf’fire Web Series Episode 1 will be available this Sunday on our Facebook page. also, and episode 2 available on Patreon Sunday at 7pm. For all of those who purchase Patreon and tickets. Series will be available on Open Mic TV soon. But for now these are the avenues to see the web series.  New promo coming soon as well. Due to Illinois opening in phases and COVID-19 we have to be safe and mindful.  Again we are having a wrap party not a Premiere party. Show still will premiere this Sunday June 14th.  “Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!”