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BET Awards 2014 ReCap

"Check out A Diamond In A ruff season 1 by clicking the above TAB!" Diamonds and Gents I enjoyed the show tonight. Please check out my reaction to it all right here. What performance did you enjoy? Let me know by commenting down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Chile "The View" without Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd

"Go check out Gem Spot TV and sub Today! Also, get that gem tee TODAY!" Diamonds and Gents can you believe there is no more Sherri or Jenny for the fall season.  That's right the View are making some changes.  Let me just go head and say I don't like it.  So now you have blogs everywhere talking about who, will be the next hosts.  All I have to say is you told us Ms. Walters there jobs were secure. What happen over there? Y'all don't need to fire anybody.  Any who, I don't think they will be on long.  That's just my take.  What y'all think? Do you think they will be on long? Can Ms. Whoopi carry the torch? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! Source: USA Today

#WalkforKidneys 2014 Please Share

"Share this video help bring awareness to Kidney Disease!" Diamonds and Gents on Yesterday I participated in a walk for kidneys.  My husband has lupus since he was 12 years old. It went into remission for several years.  Came back with a vengeance in 2009 effecting his kidneys.  My husband is a dialysis patient.  He is doing well.  But, he is in waiting for a kidney. This event really gives him hope every year. He really walked the 5K and finish. Check out the video below and please share.  Let's bring awareness to this disease. Do you have anyone that is going through this walk? If so please share. Also, tell them to check out . Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

GlamIcon Daytime look Tutorial #WetnWild

"Enter my Too Faced Melted Giveaway, Send me your vid on FB or IG!" Ok Ladies It's time to get that simple everyday Glam Look. Oh yes on Day like Today or Saturday.  Get fresh and try this look Check it out! What looks have you tried with drug store products? Have they made you feel like a million bucks? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Chicago Blues Festival (VLOG)

"Get your That Gem Tees TODAY, then #instaGem me when you do!" Diamonds and Gents I really enjoyed myself on yesterday. Oh yeah! I went to the Chicago Blues Festival.  They had several stages and some great activities as well.  I played games, watch some great bands. Visit some tents. Won some great stuff with Humana. I was with my boo thang! Oh yeah my husband LOL. My boy Grindz Muzik and we just really enjoyed ourselves. Not only that I took a pic with Woo-Woo he had his cubs uniform on! Check out my PIC on for the pic with Woo-Woo.  Also, while you over there follow your Diamond sistah! But yeah, check out my video blog. Check it out here: What festival are you hitting this summer? The Jazz and Gospel one is coming up.  Get out and enjoy Chicago! Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!  

Random Talk Friday: Don't come 4 me unless I send 4 ya PLEASE

My Windy City Live Experience 1 Day Giveaway (OPEN)

Breaking News: Master P Loses Custody of Children(I'm Mad asL about this)

I feel Master P should've lost custody. What are your thoughts? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Married to Medicine Season 2 EP10 #KandiWedding ep2 ReCap

My Tamar Braxton Love and War Tour Concert Experience (Chicago)

"Get your That Gem Tee TODAY! Then #instaGem me when you get it!"     Diamonds and Gents I went to the Tamar Braxton Love and War Concert over the weekend.  She look great and fab.  She also, got down she performed it was good.  But,  I got sick and she was late hitting the stage.  A whole hour and 30 mins late. Listen below to my experience shouts out to Concord Music Hall staff for taking great care of me.  And her husband for making sure her fans were straight. Check out: Get ready with me video coming up soon! Have you seen Ms. Tamar in concert? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Tracy Morgan in Critical condition (PLEASE PRAY)

"Enter my 2Faced Cosmetic Giveaway, Go to my youtube page now 4 details!" Diamonds and Gents our boy Tracey Morgan got into a really bad car crash.  I am not here to give you details.  I'm here to ask you to pray for him. Here is #teamthatgem prayer.  You can pray this Because, we understand that where 2 or 3 agree on any one thing it shall be established. Our Gracious Father in Heaven, We know that you are omnipresent and you see all things.  So we are asking that you heal all his disease.  The word say in Psalms 103 that you forgive all our iniquities and heal all out diseases.  So today we are asking that you heal our brother Tracey Morgan.  He stands in need of your healing power and touch.  We ask father that you send your angels to minister to him in his current condition.  For you give your angels charge over us.  We ask for a speedy recovery.  Please don't let his recovery be anything that you tarry over.  Touch his family.  Help them to be strong and

L. A. Hair Season 3 Ep3, Rihanna red carpet mess, Serena 1 piece thong ...

Haul Time: 2Faced Melted Lippie Giveaway & so much more(OPEN)

"Enter the Giveaway, Looking forward to hearing your opinions!" Diamonds and Gents here I go again.  Showing you my love and appreciation.  Since the Diamonds have really been watching more this one is more for the Diamonds this time.  But, I hauled some Gent stuff so Gents let me know you still here. Here are the rules. FB VID & IG VID Contest rules are Make a 15s. vid on Instagram #instaGem. You must be subscribe 2 my Youtube Channel. If you encourage people to enter the giveaway. Or send a new subbie I will give you an extra entry. If you don't have instagram 2 follow me and do a video. Make a FB vid 30s. You must like my FB page. Tag my Entertainment page so I can see it. You must be subscribe to my YT Channel as well. Looking forward to knowing which Melted u like on me. And which one I should get!!! Send in those entries this contest will be over in 3 weeks. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Serena Crashes the wedding in a Bikini

"Get your That Gem Tees Today, then #instaGem me as soon as you get it!" Diamonds and Gents the Body as I call her showed up in a one piece thong.  To a couple who were having there wedding on the beach.  I'm not sure if they spotted Serena or she spotted the wedding.  But, needless to say she was there.  So present she took a pic with the couple check out the pic.     What you think Diamonds and Gents? Team 2 much? Or was she in the right for crashing the wedding in a thong?   Comment Down Below.   Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!    

Married to Medicine Season 2 Ep 9 ReCap