Tracy Morgan in Critical condition (PLEASE PRAY)

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Diamonds and Gents our boy Tracey Morgan got into a really bad car crash.  I am not here to give you details.  I'm here to ask you to pray for him. Here is #teamthatgem prayer.  You can pray this Because, we understand that where 2 or 3 agree on any one thing it shall be established.

Our Gracious Father in Heaven,
We know that you are omnipresent and you see all things.  So we are asking that you heal all his disease.  The word say in Psalms 103 that you forgive all our iniquities and heal all out diseases.  So today we are asking that you heal our brother Tracey Morgan.  He stands in need of your healing power and touch.  We ask father that you send your angels to minister to him in his current condition.  For you give your angels charge over us.  We ask for a speedy recovery.  Please don't let his recovery be anything that you tarry over.  Touch his family.  Help them to be strong and supportive during this time.  This blessing and others we ask in your son Yeshua name Amen.

Please take the time to send up one.  He really needs it.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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