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Tyrese Hospitalized after Fainting

"Click Audition tab to find out next Audition, top right hand corner!" What's going on Diamonds and Gents on this back to school day?  Any who, Tyrese den fainted chile in a DC nightclub.  Reports say he has been going hard every since the album released.  They rushed him to the hospital.  His spoke person said he is just fine need a good night rest.  Here's a pic of our boy in a sling being released at the hospital: Man these entertainers better start listening to there bodies.  Glad he is ok. Much Love Darlings!!! 

Reality TV Shantee's Way BBWives S5 Ep.1

The drama unfolds with the breakup of Evelyn and Chad. This is one episode I think everyone should watch because this has happened to a lot of relationships at one time or another. Well the situation that occurred was Chad and Evelyn was not together that long before they decided to have children and get married(you know do the family thing). Two months into the marriage Evelyn had a suspicion that her hubby was being unfaithful because she found receipts for condom purchases(emphases on  pur-chase-es  cause she found several). So while driving one night with him she decides to talk to him about it and the conversation got heated, then escalated to arguing and ending up with thing getting physical . Police was called, Chad gets arrested, Evelyn goes to the hospital and later files for divorce. Now I'm not really understanding why she didn't see this coming because last season she heard rumors about him "smashing" other females while he was on the road. After talking …

Chile It is Trouble in Paradise Lamar & Khloe

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Diamonds and Gents I am praying for the Odom's and I can't believe what they are going through.  Well, sources told TMZ that for the last 2 years Mr. Lamar Odom has been using recreational drugs.  It has gotten so bad that Khloe demanded he go to rehab.  Mr. Lamar gets to rehab and threatens to leave.  So Khloe then had to hire private P.I. 's to stand guard so that Mr. Lamar wouldn't leave.  Needless to say he left and he has even been accused of cheating.

Other sources say that Khloe is convinced it happen.  Poor Khloe.  But, she just want to save her husband so much so she hasn't even talk to a lawyer about divorce.  Well, I am praying for the Odom's.  This has to be hard for any person to go through.  Lamar don't lose it all darling for something that will only fix your problems temporary. 

You have woman by your side that loves you unconditionally.  That is something!  …

I'm still looking for you! Aug. 31st at 12p

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Diamonds and Gents my search for talent has been a hard journey.  But, I know Chicago has talent check out the most recent vid:

So what I'm looking for is simple a woman that can sing and a gent.  Come out and Audition!

Much Love Darlings!!!

Trina does Tribute to New Comer Nicki Minaj at BMI

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Diamonds and Gents I must say I'm a little disturbed.  Why vet 15 years in the game doing tribute to Nicki Minaj.  BMI am I missing something well, Nicki enjoyed her doing it.  I just think that we got this thing backwards.  From some sources, they say it was a Cash Money tribute.  But, again really?  Trina look fab though got to give you props boo.  Check out the performance:

Well, Diamonds and Gents what you think of Trina performance at the bottom.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Kanye West reveals Baby North West

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Diamonds and Gents Kanye West on Kris Jenner show revealed cute baby North West.  She may have a funny name but she got Kanye West cheeks and Kim K. eyes take a look:
Name those features who does she look like comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Pic courtesy of Fox and Kris jenner show

Oprah speaks out on Sexism and Racial profiling after Being in Zurich

"I still need extras for my play Aug. 31st.  Will get the info to you SOON!" Diamonds and Gents that's ashame when one of the richest billionaires in the world is told she can't afford something.  Well, y'all Oprah was in Zurich and she was shopping at local boutiques.  So she goes into the boutique that has the bag that was design for Jennifer Aniston it is $38,000 dollars. Any who, she then spots it over the sales associate head.  Ask her to bring that bag out the cabinet so she can purchase it.  Needless to say the sale associate refused to show her the bag and Oprah left out the store. Now, Oprah begin to talk about being racially profiled still in this day and age.  How being in Oprah Show clothes with some Donna Karen on can she not know who she was?  Now maybe the show don't play in Zurich.  But, let's not get it twisted it.  When people make a certain kind of money deal in boardrooms run companies there is a demeanor their that screams money.  I …

Usher's son Rushed to Hospital

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Diamonds and Gents Usher's son was rushed to the hospital after being caught in a drain for the pool.  The contractor's that were working nearby help Usher's family member who was watching his son get the boy out.  They did CPR on him to revive him.  They said he was doing well when he arrive to hospital he was awake and alert.

Oh wow, now the ex-wife is lashing out.  She has filed emergency custody hearing after the son nearly drowns.  I will bring you more as I am updated.

Praying all is well for the young man.  Glad he was revived.

Much Love Darlings!!!