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@AverySunshine #BWE Part 2

2015 #BWE Black Women's Expo Chicago

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Diamonds and Gents I had a wonderful time at the Black Women's Expo.  OK, so I went to see Ms. Syleena Johnson on Friday night.  Chile, needless to say she didn't show up.  But, I still love ya Ms. Syleena Johnson.  Speaking of Syleena Johnson check your local BET listing.  She is releasing her first movie.  GO GIRL!

Back to the Black Women's Expo! So I went Saturday, they told me Lil Mo would be there.  And my Favorite artist Avery Sunshine.  Baby when, I tell you Ms. Avery Sunshine got down that is a understatement. 
 She got down, came up and pull us right on in again.  Her voice is super amazing!  She will be back Chicago July 23 and July 24, 2015.  Check her website out for more information .

I also, got a chance to meet the Beautiful Karen Jordan from channel 7 news right here in Chicago.  She looks like her father (channel 9 anchor Robert …

@FreemanBeauty Facial Mask Review #InfluensterVox

Freeman Beauty Facial Beauty Mask, I rated it 4 1/2 Gems out of 5. Guys check out the review.  Let me know if you have tried any of these mask. Also, would love to know what were your thoughts.

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Our 5 Fav Lippies for Springtime Collab/ NaeGlam

Empire Season 1 Finale ReCap

How to Hang a Wine Glass Holder

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First, clean the wall with alcohol.  Be sure to let the wall dry.  Open your command stripes package.  Take the flat plastic out the wrapper. Then, put the sticky part on the back of the command strip.  Before applying it on the wall.  Remove the paper off the back.  (Note: make sure to check the weight it holds before purchase.)  Next, press the stripes on the wall use four straight across.  After you apply pressure be sure to allow them to sit for 30 minutes.  After it sit for 30 minutes put the wooden rack on the stripes.  You should hear a snapping sound.  Once finish it should fit 7 to 10 glasses on it.  When you do this be sure to #TeamThatGem So we can see your posted picture. Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

How to Apply Water Proof Eyeliner

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How to Apply Water Proof Eyeliner First, Clean your face and eyes with an wash cloth.  Next, sanitize your hands thoroughly. Choose your favorite water proof eyeliner.
Fourth,  apply first coat by following your eye shape.  Be sure to apply another application. I would then. apply 2nd coat to prevent mistakes be sure to keep blinking to a minimum.
Lastly, apply your favorite mascara and go.

Note: You should change your eyeliner every two to three months.  This keeps unnecessary bacteria away.  It also, aids in good eye and makeup care and health.
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Columbus Short Returns to #TVOne #FearFiles

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Twitter Beef Alert Vivica Fox and Natalie G #MobWives

Don't come for the Queen! Yes Ms. Vivica Fox wore it better. What y'all think do Natalie G. hide behind twitter or nah? Did she meet her match with Ms. VFox.

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Weight Loss Update 2014 -2015