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Does Michael Jordan have a secret son?

Now clearly he can be lying. But, Diamonds and Gents would we be surprise if Michael J. had a son in the ATL that was a secret. Taj Jordan is alleging that MJ is his father. I mean no harm but, this has happen before with Mr. Jordan. Gents I need y'all to teach men how to protect themselves. Think about more then just getting laid. Glass if you want to become a Diamond protect yourself from a Diamond to you, because you create children like this young man that is obviously hurt by your messed up decision. Check out the Boys 2 Gents show this New Year's Day on at 2pm cst. Much Love Darlings!!!  

Stay TUNE..... New Year Eve Special!!!


Christmas Special 12/25 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

Christmas Special 12/25 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio Merry Christmas Diamonds and Gents.  Listen as we wild out and play some old school Christmas songs for yall.  Love you Check out the Boys 2 Gents show at 2pm Jan. 1st.  For the new year Listen as they talk about important topics, dating all that good stuff.  Much Love Darlings!!!

Leona's was GOOD!

Much Love Darlings!!!

Tamar Braxton New Single Available NOW ON ITUNES

Go Girl! My Diamond sister showing y'all she not a background do wop pop, pop girl.  Sing it! She Tried It! She did accomplish that thang.  The youngest Braxton is here to stay! Make your way. Love You Diamond & Gents and to all My Darlings Much Love!!!

After Show: With the Queen & Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

 It was off the chain Diamonds & Gents!!!

Dude Ain't You 4"2! Slapping folk In Target!

It's reported that Katt Williams slaps a Target employee. Who immediately call the police. When, the police arrive on the scene they claim they couldn't arrest Mr. Williams because it would be to much of a commotion. To add insult to already slapped face he (Katt Williams) rolls out on a electronic store scooter. Now Katt Williams, I'm need you to #GetYourLife. Quick! What in the world are you smoking? Whatever it is, you need to get on a program like right now. Because, you to short to walk around slapping folk. Next time, you gonna run up on the wrong one and you will permanently hit the ground. Diamonds & Gents check out The Live Stream Living it up with Ms. Tra "That Gem" and Big Ant #1 Gent Every Monday Late night always after 9pm. Blogtv or Ustream. Go to the and subscribe. And follow your Diamond sister on TWITTER Much Love darlings!!!