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Styled By June: Michelle Williams

I just wanted to say I tuned in Michelle. I absolutely loved your look on BET Honors. Your natural hair is just as beautiful or more then the weave.  This coming from a Diamond sister that love natural weave and all just saying.  But, you did an amazing job on Style by June by letting it be known it doesn't take that for you to be a star.  You are very humbled.  Love it!  Be-weaveable or natural.  Glad you came back home to the gospel genre as well.

Love you honey will be following your career 5 gems honey!!!!!

Diamonds and Gents don't forget to check the radio show this Sat. 1:30p on  Much Love Darlings!!!

@Picture is Courtesy of BET

What is the church assignment for North Korea attempt?

Ms. Tra That Gem Radio Show 04/14 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

Listen to the radio show. The Link is over my picture for the radio show.  North Korea attempted a missile launch that was believed to be handed toward America.  And the current issue of Iran and Israel nuclear crisis.  Diamonds & Gents different feel but check it out!  Much Love Darlings!!!

Pink Hair. That Ain't Hot!

Much Love Darlings!!!

What's Up Y'all! (Celebration of Gospel)

Celebration of Gospel 2012!

Well, y'all know I absolutely love Steve Harvey.  He was the host again this year.  The way I see it if it's not broke don't fix it.  He was funny as always.  THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT: Drum roll please..... Kirk Franklin and Mali Music did there thing.  Oh yes they did.  Nothing but, the truth.  Sorry to say I was pretty much surprise coming from Kirk Franklin.  He been a little water down lately.  But, oh yes he was trying to get the folks saved and those that claim to be so to repent.  Good stuff.  Oh yeah love Pastor Shirley Caesar.  She sang in the gospel tribute to Mahalia Jackson.  Yolanda Adams looked bleached a little lighter then normal.  I don't know if it was the hair or what.  Anyhow, Tasha Mack was in the building LOL! I mean Wendy Raquel Robinson.  Kelly Price did the tribute to Whitney Houston absolutely loved it.  She sang Whitney favorite Jesus loves me.

But, I don't know what's going on with the Celebration of Gospel.  The Rance Allen…