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RandomTalk: RIP DrAngelou, KMichelle &P hILTON BEEF, Sterling clippers s...

R&B Divas ATL S3 Ep6 ReCap

What you think about last night's episode? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Our Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

What did her work and story mean to you? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou dies at 86

"Check out Gem Spot TV and please sub TODAY!" Diamonds and Gents I am actually devastated to report this Maya Angelou my poet shero has died.  She died with family by her side.  Apparently, she was trying to recover from an unknown illness.  She posted yesterday on her facebook, that her doctors advised her not to travel.  This was in hue of her Houston trip. Needless to say she was very accomplished woman.  Over 30 honorary degrees.  She was the famous controversial author of " I Know why The Cage Bird Sings".  She will be missed by many.  The wisdom she had will live on. What do you remember most about Ms. Maya Angelou? Comment Down Below.

Twitter Beef Alert: K. Michelle and Perez Hilton went at it over Iggy Azalea

"Advertise right here by emailing .  Looking forward to advertising you!" Diamonds and Gents everyone knows I am the biggest K. Michelle fan.  That's right Ms. Tra` "That Gem" love her K. Michelle !  That's why I can't understand why Mr. Perez Hilton thought he was going to say something to my girl and we not chime in on that washed up fool. So K. Michelle tweeted about Iggy Azalea this: How can you be from another country and rap like you're from Memphis TN? But u don't hear me though #offended 1st everyone know the chick is from Australia.  Now she starting to sound like she from the south when she rap. Then here come old washed up Perez talking stuff says: @kmichelle I think you chose the wrong hashtag and meant to say # jealous instead! x Needless to say the fight was on from there.  K.Michelle put that old wash board to rest.  That's what I'm talking about.  Don't come for her unless she

Whitney Houston Biopic to Be on Lifetime in '2015'

"Advertise right here by emailing . Looking forward to promoting you!" Diamonds and Gents Angela Bassett will be directing this Biopic.  It is set to debut on Lifetime.   Well, they're looking to put Whitney Houston Biopic on there station.  I really feel like this should be on the big screen.  No offense :)!  We are talking about a Pop Icon.  No one voice sounds like hers, baby.  She WAS THE BEST OF THE BEST!  The movie will be depict  her career and marriage to Bobby Brown and the divorce.  Angela Bassett directorial debut will be epic for sure.  This needs to be on the big screen. What you think? Should this be on the big Screen or nah? Comment Down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Breaking News Waka Flocka Flame Tammy R Married

Ceelo is Coming up Short!

"Advertise right here by emailing us at!" Diamonds and Gents Ceelo was contracted to play at Riverfest in Little Rock, Ark.  He requested half of his ends in advance.  Ceelo was contracted to play for at least75 minutes.  Needless to say the concert promoter had that fool on the clock.  He only played 40 minutes.  Baby Little Rock, Ark. promoters don't play. So needless to say, they will not be paying my man the rest of his ends.  Wigginton will not look for there deposit back.  Um Ceelo , the clock was on. What you think? Did he have enough music for 75 mins.? Or just didn't feel the full hour and fifteen? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Shelly Sterling is Ready to Sell the Clippers!

"Get your That Gem Tee TODAY, Then #instaGem me when you get it!" Diamonds and Gents Shelly Sterling is meeting with potential buyers for the Clippers .  Mrs. Sterling met with former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer .  Oh yes in her Malibu home on Sunday.  Sources told TMZ that his group made  very competitive offer. Well, needless to say the team is worth up to 1.5 billion dollars.  There are several people in the running.  Including Magic Johnson and Guggenheim Partners .  I would love to see him get it!  Sources say Oprah Winfrey is no longer in the running for it. Well, Diamonds and Gents what you think? Would you like to see Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners get it or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! Source: TMZ

Love and Hip Hop ATL S3 Ep5 ReCap

Did I miss something? Comment down below. Are you still here for #LHHATL OR NAH? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Breaking News: Floyd Mayweather and T. I. Brawl

Charlie Sheen & Rihanna Beef, Hollywood Exes ATL Sound off & so much more ...

Kevin Hart Claps back at Ex-wife for sounding OFF!

"Get your That Gem Tee Today, Then #instaGem me as soon as you get it!" Diamonds and Gents yes the Ex is still throwing shade.  So she is still talking about the break-up and divorce.  Well, she blames now girlfriend then mistress for the break-up.  Kevin Hart gets upset and clears the air on TWITTER: ✔ @ KevinHart4real Follow My woman has nothing to do with my past marriage problems in any way shape or form. It's almost 7yrs total of me not being with my Ex 9:31 AM - 21 May 2014   So as you can see Kevin Hart was not feeling Ms. Lady talking about K.O. his current girlfriend.  Girl 7 years REALLY? Get over it honnee. Forgive and let that man go.   What you think? Should she get over it or what? Comment down below.   Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Its Time 2 Nino Brown that Chick! #RBDIVASATL S3 EP5 ReCap

What do you think? Is LaTavia in over her head? Or will she come around? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Sherri Shepherd bans The View from talking about her Divorce

"Get your That Gem Tee Today, then #instaGem me once you got it!" Diamonds and Gents according to the Gossip Table on VH1 , Sherri Shepherd has ban the View from discussing her Divorce. Well the Gossip Table view is this: "They feel she should allow it so she can get ahead of the story."  Well over here at #teamthatgem we disagree.  We say that's right Sherri keep your business to yourself.  There is enough people talking about it and trying to question the parent that you are. But, we understand you have to work to provide the best life possible for your son.  Any way, we wish you all the best.  We hate that your ex- husband and the one you divorcing now is trying to put you under the bus.  That is surely an ugly situation.  But, we hope peace hit it soon. Diamonds and Gents weigh in.  Do you agree with VH1 Gossip Table or #teamthatgem? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Getting Ready for a Night out on the Town!

"Get your That Gem Tee, Then take a pic and #instaGem it so I can see you!" Diamonds and Gents it's getting warmer out.  So here are some quick tips to look good.  Ok so here goes.  For night out  on the town it's always good to go with sparkles. Sparkles or sequin looks good in candle light lighting and dim lighting.  If you are natural here's a night do. This is a simple two strand flat twist.  Or the other due a simple ponytail.  Now for the face the eyes are a gold smoke eye with a bold red lip.  There are several tutorials on a gold smoke eye.  I could even do one.  You can always dress this look up by adding a pump instead of a wedge.  Some wide leg dress pants or boot cut pants.  Just make sure your hands are manicure.  You can go to the shop and get something like this. Again glitter and sparkle look good in candle light or dim lighting. Or for a calm look.  You can always go with a simple manicure.   Click this video to show you how t

Rumor Alert: Kenya Moore on Celebrity Apprentice and Steals Vivica Foxx Phone

"Get your That Gem Tee Today! Take a #instaGem pic and let me see ya!" Diamonds and Gents well it's allege that Kenya Moore will be on Celebrity Apprentice .  She is already causing evil problems.  Well, Keisha Knight Pulliam and Vivica Foxx as well.  So allegedly Kenya stole Ms. Vivica Foxx phone, she then went on her Twitter account.  Ms. Kenya you didn't see Kill Bill .  Just a side note she kick butt for real.  But, anyway so Kenya tweeted on Vivica page "This menopause is kicking my butt.  Have me acting a fool.  I'm almost 50 and etc."  Needless to say Kenya is hop, skip and jump away from 50.  Girl get your life.  So what you think?  Is Kenya Moore cray, cray and need to take several? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

New Baby Alert: Ciara Gives Birth to a Baby BOY!

"Get your That Gem Tee Today, Click that tab above. Then let me know how you look in it!" Diamonds and Gents Ciara has had her first child.  According to sources she had her baby boy in Los Angeles.  He is a healthy little bambino.  Aw! As of now, the name of the baby has not been disclosed.  But, as soon as it is y'all know #teamthatgem gotcha!  I was just thinking how long she was preggers.  She looks like she was about to pop the other day.  See ladies dance your way into the delivery room works.  Congrats Future and Ciara on your new bambino. Send Ms. Ciara well wishes down below.  Comment! Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

BillBoard Music Awards 2014 ReCap #BBMas

"Check out Living It Up on ON DEMAND!" Diamonds and Gents the BillBoard Music Awards was on this year.  Y'all see the Michael Jackson Hologram performance.  If you did what you think? Let me know down below.  Also, let me know your favorite performance.  Check out my Review down below: Let me know your fav performance.  Also, who performance you could've missed.  Did you like MJ Hologram performance? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Tour Trailer ALERT: JAY Z & Beyoncé "RUN"

"Check out Gem Spot TV and sub TODAY! Hook this website now to your Google, Twitter or Yahoo account!" Diamonds and Gents Jay-z is in a elevator again.  But, this time he got a ride a die chick with him.  Y'all this is epic but it will not be in theaters.  They have some heavy hitters in this trailer. Check It OUT: Is Beyoncé still his Bonnie to his Clyde? Check her email. Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

That Gem Corner: My new man only want anal sex HELP!

"Check out That Gem Tees TODAY! Order take a pic so I can see ya!" Diamonds and Gents here goes another That Gem Corner.  You must be 18 years or older in order to view this video.  I did that because, I think some subject matter I get is for ADULTS ONLY!  So check it out and make sure to comment down below. Chime in down below.  What you think? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Weight Loss: How I eat? Part 2

"Check out GEMSpotTV and SUB TODAY!  Connect this site Today to your Google, Twitter or Yahoo!" Before Diamonds and Gents I have been on this journey for a 1 year and about 3 months.  I have lost over 70 pounds.  I absolutely feel great!  I am still keeping you posted on how I'm keeping it off.  If you are on a weight loss journey and want to know how to get your weight off.  Then email me today for some tips .  Check out the video here: After

Love and Hip Hop ATL S3 Ep3 ReCap

Magic Johnson Claps Back at Don Sterling Allegations

"Check out Gem Spot TV and SUB TODAY!  For the latest in Beauty and Entertainment!" Diamonds and Gents Magic Johnson called TMZ to clear the air.  Don Sterling accused Magic Johnson in a recent interview of trying to steal the Clippers.  LOL Really he made you make racist comments.  Any who, he said he would never do that.  If so he would've aimed higher.  Magic Johnson said he would aim for the Lakers.  Needless to say Donald Sterling need to go have several.  Yes several seats.  What you think?  Donald Sterling claim Magic Johnson has done nothing for the Black community.  What say you? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Jay Z ATTACKED by Beyonce's Sister Solange [FULL VIDEO]

Breaking News: Solange Knowles Attacks Jay-Z in Elevator

"Check out Gem Spot TV and SUB TODAY! If you would like to advertise on this site email me TODAY!" Diamonds and Gents this is mess.  So I was reading US Magazine blog and ran across this footage.  That's right your girl Solange acting a plum fool.  Chile, look carefully Bey is in the elevator and grab that heifer up.  Sister or no sister keep your hands and feet to yourself.  Don't be kicking my husband. But, eventually the security guard grabs the disgruntled Solange up.  Miss Girl still trying to kick your boy.  See the footage right here: What you think? Is Solange right or wrong? Should Bey had've defended her husband? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! Source: US Magazine

My Weekend Vlog Happy Mother's Day


Shots Fired: Shonda Rhimes shots back at Deadline

"Listen to Living It Up ON DEMAND via!" Diamonds and Gents Deadline broke a story about Columbus Short being replaced.  That's right Deadline reported that 'Scandal' was replacing Short with a Eric West .  Needless to say Shonda Rhimes clapped back quickly.  She let it be known on Twitter that there was no truth to these allegations. Well, Short got fired off of the popular show.  Needless to say he had to much scandal in his regular life.  For a life of acting in ' Scandal' . Well, after Shonda Rhimes tweeted, Deadline recanted there story.  Saying it was all a big hoax.  Chile, what a mess check out what Shonda Rhimes tweeted. She tweet:   Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!    

Prenup holding the Wedding Up with Kim and Kanye

"Listen to Living It Up ON DEMAND on!" Diamonds and Gents according to TMZ , Kim and Kanye have not signed on the dotted line.  According to TMZ , Kanye and Kim lawyers haven't been able to hash out all the details.  Now, this is on the break of Kanye getting his self a new team.  That's right Mr. Kanye West has himself a new manager. So with that being said, the pre-nup that Kris had with Kim oppose to be a little problem.  Kim and Kanye are not fighting, there pre-nup seem to be peaceful.  The wedding is schedule for Paris around Memorial Day! What you think?  Are they being smart by taking there time? Or is having a pre-nup selfish?  Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! Source:TMZ Pic courtesy of fans of Kim

Apollo Pleads Guilty!

"Check out Gem Spot TV and subscribe TODAY!  For the lastest in Entertainment and so much more!" Diamonds and Gents Phaedra Parks Apollo has plead guilty.  Now wait now on the grounds of "Trying to keep up with the Jones!"  Yep, you heard me right he said, "There is so much pressure trying to keep up with reality stars."  Do you buy this Diamonds and Gents?  I know I don't. Well, if convicted he could face 30 years in prison.  Now, I don't know if Phaedra Parks going to wait on him.  But, I know I wouldn't.  Phaedra is making $600,000 on the show and Apollo get a little something, something as well for working on the show.  Needless to say, Apollo you ought to know crime does not pay. What you think? Should Phaedra wait or move on?  Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Love and Hip Hop ATL S3 Ep1 ReView

South Shore area Activist Young Leaders Alliance is Tired of the Violence

"Check out the Give Away winners on GEM Spot TV congrats again ladies!" Diamonds and Gents I joined community leaders in the south shore area for an Rally!   They were rallying against violence and murder.  There were community activist National President Jedidiah Brown and Vice President Anthony Evans of Chicago's YLA East side chapter in attendance.  There were religious leaders  in attendance as well Chicago's own Apostle David Rodgers and so many others.  They were speaking up against the violence in the community.  Community Motorcycle clubs and Social Clubs were also in attendance. The Rally started on 71st street in Jeffery.  The Chicago Police were there and so was ABC 7 .  Various leaders and local poets spoke out against violence.  They helped us and the community become aware of: what we are doing to ourselves.  The killing of our children must stop.  This rang out the whole Rally. It was so intense that,  in some photos you will see a casket. 

700 Subbie Giveaway Winners (CLOSED)

Congratulations to Fearless Femme and MsDangel666 on winning the giveaway.  Thank you MsUniquelyDesigned and 28cwan for entering I love you dearly ladies. Email me at . Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!