Prenup holding the Wedding Up with Kim and Kanye

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Diamonds and Gents according to TMZ, Kim and Kanye have not signed on the dotted line.  According to TMZ, Kanye and Kim lawyers haven't been able to hash out all the details.  Now, this is on the break of Kanye getting his self a new team.  That's right Mr. Kanye West has himself a new manager.

So with that being said, the pre-nup that Kris had with Kim oppose to be a little problem.  Kim and Kanye are not fighting, there pre-nup seem to be peaceful.  The wedding is schedule for Paris around Memorial Day!

What you think?  Are they being smart by taking there time? Or is having a pre-nup selfish?  Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Pic courtesy of fans of Kim


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