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Record Sales for this Week Baby, Baby!

Well, diamonds & Gents I have this week record sales! And(In my Madea voice) Little news. On, to the record sales first. Now, darling Micheal Jackson still is the man. King of Pop you will be missed. His is 155k. Go head. Ok; for Ray Charles look a like. You played the stank out that part Jamie Foxx. Lol. But, anywho record sales for him is 144k. Do it, Do it! For all those that like ppl that have or sound like that got mutiple personalities when they rap. Nicki Minaj record sales are 133k. Congrats to your Friday just wasn't pink had a little green add to it. How do u do that? Anywho, I know Frankie & Effie was getting there celebration on Darlings! Keyshia Cole record sales is 128k. DO YOUR THANG? It's the new Keyshia! AND, To the one everybody should know. Or should I say her coo-coo that is. I'm not talking about a baby bird . Keri Hilson record sales are 102k. Now next time u think everyone should know u that personally consider this a

True R& B Royalty Rest In Peace :(

She gone ya'll. Lady T. Teena Marie born Mary Christine Brockert died last night in her sleep. At the age of 54 yrs of age. TMZ reports that they will not know what is the cause of death to after the autospy report. Teena Marie got signed to lengendary Motown 1976. She got alot of radio play from R&B stations. Because of her unique sound. She broke out after her duet with the late Rick James "Fire And Desire". Teena Marie you are a lengend and R&B Royalty and yes Queen you will be miss. I will bring you updates as they come diamonds and Gents. Much Love Darlings!!!

Ms. Tra` "That Gem" Blog Talk Show

I want to say " Merry Christmas!!!".  This was a great one!!!! You want to know whats going on Jermine Jackson, Fanstasia, Jennifer Hudson,  The Game and Lauryn Hill.  There were a few shout outs.  Love you darlings be encourage in this new season. Diamonds and Gents xoxoxo.  Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio   Much Love Darlings!!!

In The Hurt of A American Idol Part 2

"Update!" Fantasia is someone celebrating darling! She, will not be getting sued by Paula Cook. It has been reported that Her and the ex-hubby. Did not seperate in June 2010 like see said, but in November 2009. So, the judge bang the gable down on ya' Ms. Paula. You won't be getting a dime of Tasia money baby! Anyway, why you didn't sue yo' husband and not the woman. Oh I forgot dude ain't got no money heifer. So, Fantasia start to date Mr. Cook they were seperated. But, Fantasia not out the clear yet. So I'll keep you posted on this one darlings! Much Love Darlings!! Is A Scam!!!

Well, you not going to believe it! Chile they tried to get me. These group of hackers been posing for a year now as tech support for adobe and microsoft. These devils even got a nerve to have a 1 877 number. Its on my fb page click on that badge. They are registered with If a woman or man call you with a heavy Indian accent saying they want to take your computer over they are lieing dont let them do a system check beware this is a scam! I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM!!! Taking advantage of people don't make me come find yall. Ol' buzzers. So don't do it. Then when he found out I had firewall literally ask me to google him it came up scam to the 25thpower darling! Don't trust nobody information but your own understand! Much Love Darling!

OMG Say it Ain't So BIshop Part 2

Well ,Well Bishop. You are settling with the young men. Now wait. If you didn't do it why settle. Fight! You make ppl like myself question your innocence. Well, for those who are not familiar with whom I Speak and what I speak. BIshop Eddie Long was put up on allegations of sleeping with several young men in his mentor program. 3 to 4 young men came out making these allegations that he munipulated them into having sex. Oh nasty self. YOU NEED JESUS. Well, now we know you not innocent. Because if yoU was eddie wrong you would fight. ITS A SHAME! WELL IF YOU MISS THE RADIO SHOW TODAY CHECK IT OUT ON MUCH LOVE DARLING!!!

Ms. Tra`"That Gem" Blog Talk Show

Every Sat. 3:30pm til 4pm . I recorded this show from the Cornerstone Community Shelter.  This is the season to be charitable.  For more information plse listen in I do get a chance to talk to them.    But, there website is www.  They give the information.  I loved the show I met a few ppl.  One is running a marathon for haiti plse check him out and support.  His name is Tim Necas, Voluteer Cor. Willow Chgo. .  his website for the haiti project is .  The marathon is Jan. 30, 2011.  Blessings darling!! Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio   Much Love Darlings!!!

Honey Bye! Oprah gets couch time with Barbara yall

Barbara Walters, u's bad a one. Ya' understand. Only on your show have you gotten everybody to cry. Even the Queen of daytime herself Ms. Oprah Winfrey. You take no prisoners boo boo. Anywho, diving right in. Now Oprah I know you got the daytime syndrome. But, out of everything you could've address of what ppl having been saying over the years. You choose to address you and Gayle. That bothered you the most ppl say y'all gay. Child they don' call Steman gay. H*ll it did't bother you like that. Well, Oprah mad y'all keep calling her and Gayle gay. She said, she is not a lesbian and don't have a little desires no not one for women. What she is really mad about as well yall keep calling me a liar says; Oprah. So to all my diamonds and gents out there. Gayle ain't had a man since this broke out. Gayle just want a man. Ok. So leave it be for a while so the woman can get a date to get a man. Don't forget to check out the radio show Sat

Madea Big Happy Family The Play by: Tyler Perry

Now y'all know how I do it since, I'm Ms. Tra' "That Gem" . I give movie reviews by a 1 to 5 gems. I give this play 4 1/2 gems for shear funny. Tyler you did a wonderful job with advising far as advice that is. Wisdom that you can't buy. It has Chrissy Collins backround singer for beyonce, Cassi Davis star of House of Payne, Chandra Corrrily jazz singer and many more. You will enjoy the advise by Madea and you will enjoy Aunt Bam(Cassi Davis) she was hilarious OMG! Youhave to rent it. Or buy it. It's about a woman that is dying. She has made peace with it. Her family is a family that

Ms. Tra` "That Gem" Blog Talk Show

"Every Sat. From 3:30pm til 4pm central time" The show was a great one.  If you missed it Kisla Slaughter and Shevante Walker were on the show.  I taped live at Cafe El Meson on 4631 South Kedzie.  There website is .   Shevante has a great healthy hair journey she is a hair stylist as well you can find her on do a search on link of her glory or search her name.  She is also on Facebook.  Kisla is a Avon rep. she talked about our skin the products we can use to have better.  The stylish clothes they have .  You can check her out at  www. you can find her on facebook as well.  Listern below:   </embe

Lil 'KIM Black Friday

"I OUGHTA CLAIM U ON MY TAXES" – My girl Lil 'Kim is a beast. Now you cant take the fact she lyrist away from her you bad on that front. I totally understand why LIL'KIM IS PEED~OFF. She ain't a hater how yall tried to protray her as being mamacita is real as they come. HIP-HOP BEEFS ain't a thing of the past so she going in NICKI GOT 1 OR 2 CHOICES GO BACK IN OR STAY A BARBIE AND LEAVE IT ALONE. At the end of the day thats the business.