Madea Big Happy Family The Play by: Tyler Perry

Now y'all know how I do it since, I'm Ms. Tra' "That Gem" . I give movie reviews by a 1 to 5 gems. I give this play 4 1/2 gems for shear funny. Tyler you did a wonderful job with advising far as advice that is. Wisdom that you can't buy. It has Chrissy Collins backround singer for beyonce, Cassi Davis star of House of Payne, Chandra Corrrily jazz singer and many more. You will enjoy the advise by Madea and you will enjoy Aunt Bam(Cassi Davis) she was hilarious OMG! Youhave to rent it. Or buy it. It's about a woman that is dying. She has made peace with it. Her family is a family that has secrets. Her daughters have no respect for there husbands. Son that is a drug dealer and been to jail. Has a child he not taking care of. A girlfriend that is using him. You dont want to miss this one. Much Love Darling!


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