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K. Michelle - "V.S.O.P." (Official Music Video) REVIEW

"Check out GEM SpotTV on Right Now!" Diamonds and Gents K. Michelle just premiered her new vid.  On BET Experience just a few minutes ago.  If I must say so I love V.S.O.P.  and the video.  The video actually goes with the song.  It is truly a song and music for the grown and sexy.  Oh yes we are still present we need this good true R&B. She looks fab in the vid.  Her love interest in the vid is gr8 add as well if I must say so myself.  Check out the video right here: I rate this 4 1/2 gems Out of 1 to 5 gems.  Do your thing @kmichelle! Much Love Darlings!!!

R&B DIVAS Season 2 Prt. 1 RECAP

"Catch Living It Up on Saturday at 1:30pm cst" Diamonds and Gents I have done it again.  Check out the review: Much Love Darlings!!!

That Gem Corner (My lady has a STD and there's no cure)

"Catch Living It Up Saturday at at 1:30pm cst" Dear Tra, What's happening ma? I been going through a thang about whether I should even reach out to you about this.  I found out 2 months ago my lady has herpes.  This chick has had it for 5 years now and I been with her 8 months now.  It started when I haven't had sex with her for almost a month.  I'm that dude.  You ain't f*ckin I ain't staying.  So she told me to sit down.  I told her quit with the drama.  She get to talking.  Telling me she has a incurable disease.  Hell I'm thinking she was about to say AIDS.  All I saw was red I was about to kill shorty.  Then she said she got herpes.  Oh girl then said she has had it 5 years.  Telling me how stressed out she been lately and how this outbreak was so bad she didn't want to have sex and risk me getting it.  I ain't gonna lie I start laughing in her face.  I didn't believe.  That this type

U.S. CEO being Held Captive in his factory in China

"Check out GEM SpotTV on Sub TODAY!" Diamonds and Gents Chip Starnes C.E.O. of a pharmaceutical factory in China has been held captive since Friday.  Well, this has come on because he has fired 35 workers with severance pay.  Took most of his business to India because of China increase in wages. The factory workers got word that the factory was about to close.  He went for a walk through that now look like a hostage situation.  Chip Starnes says he reached out to the local government they have not stepped in.  He even yelled out the window his shear disappoint for the government not stepping in. Well needless to say the American Embassy there is trying to work something out.  Along with Mr. Starnes lawyers with the factory workers.  As of yet there hasn't been a deal. All I have to say is serve you right.  You can't get something for nothing.  You all have taken the jobs from the American people and put them overseas. 

Fat Joe going to prison for Tax Evasion

"Go check out GEM SpotTV Sub TODAY!" Diamonds and Gents ok these accountants that are handling these entertainers money need to go to jail.  This is ridiculous!  How many of them will get put away before we realize whomever is handling there money is not doing there job properly. Well any who, Fat Joe owes $718,038 he will be serving 4 months in prison.  His sentence will start August 26.  Biggie said you gotta hire a lawyer to watch a lawyer in order for you not to be broke its crazy. Well, Fat Joe hope all pans out for ya bruh.  Fat Joe is currently out on bail of $250,000. What ya think let me know down below? Much Love Darlings!!!

Oprah Next Chapter with Black Actresses RECAP

"You missed Living It Up go to OR Catch it Saturday" Diamonds and Gents I gave my take on the interview and brought the great points to surface.  I love this Oprah Next Chapter.  Check it out: Make sure to check your local OWN listings.  Comment and let me know what you thought about this episode of #NextChapter. Much Love Darlings!!!

R&B DIVAS Season 2 Episode 8 REVIEW

"Catch GEM SpotTV on RIGHT NOW!" Diamonds and Gents I weigh in on the Season Finale Check it out: Let me know what you think about this episode down below in the comment section.  Much Love Darlings!!!

Ludacris girlfriend attacked on Instagram for Giving Caucasian Dolls to African Kids

"Catch Living It Up Saturday at 1:30pmcst on" Diamonds and Gents poor Eudoxie .  She went back to her country bearing gifts and all the dolls she had were white.  Instagram really fired shots.  Telling her to give them dolls that look like them to empower them.  Others said color doesn't matter she is doing something nice. Well, with the thing of race and color you would think that was only in America.  But, a young women from London (On Exdoxie photo on Instagram)  said how hard it was to really portray a positive image of black to her daughter. On the wake of Dark Girls airing on OWN television network check your local listings.  I really seen the commercial and didn't think this type of stuff still exist far is dark skin and light skin.  Let me explain I grew up with looking at every shade a woman can be.  Women as light as Caucasian women.  Women that look light as Hispanics.  Women as olive as Native Ame

Paula Deen Is a Allege Racist.....

"Check out GEM SpotTV on http:/// Right Now!" Diamonds and Gents Paula Deen is a Allege Racist.  I don't know how to even feel about that Paula.  You were the butter cooking fool that won the hearts of all with  that sweet southern accent.  All and that white hair.  My Pastor wanted to fly you out to cook for his birthday.  Ok so Paula Deen is allegedly getting sued by former employee.  Paula Deen was planning a wedding and wanted a Slavery Theme.  The employee asked Paula what she wanted and she responded, " Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that." When Paula Deen was asked about this she responded, "The whole entire waiter staff was m

R.I.P. James Gandolfini of The Sopranos

"Catch #LHHATL Review on GEM SpotTV Now!" Diamonds and Gents Tony die of a massive heart attack.  You know you grew to love to hate Tony on the Sopranos.  The hit show ended in 2007.  James Gandolfini has been laying low every sense. Well, James Gandolfini died at 51 years old in Italy.  He always said how he got fame later on in his acting career.  All I have to say is Mr. James Gandolfini R.I.P.  My condolences and prayers go out to his family. Much Love Darlings!!!

RiRi had to Clock A over grabbing fan with A mic

"Check out Living It Up Saturday at 1:30pmcst" Diamonds and Gents Rihanna had to clock a over grabbing fan.  Yes!  Now, Rihanna was walking through the crowd with security and fan I guess grab Rihanna one to many times and she turned around and clock that fool.  Needless to say she didn't miss a beat in her Diamond Tour. All I have to say is stop violating these performers people.  Beyoncé just went through her butt being slapped.  Well, Rihanna had the answer to the last grab.  Much Love Darlings!!!

J Cole Twitter Fan threatens to kill sister

"Chicago Stage Play Auditions July 20th at 4pm New Rhema Harvest 5429 S. Ashland  Chicago,IL more info. email Ms. Tra` at" Diamonds and Gents be careful because there are some sick people out here.  So @JColeNC was tweeted by a fan with a pic that said if he didn't retweet him he would kill his little sister.  Needless to say that fool is being investigated by the police. Thank God who holds a gun to a little girls head.  He is 19 years old WOW!  Well, he said it was a unloaded BB gun and that his little sister was in on the joke.   He has apologized to J. Cole asking him not to sue him.  He said, the only reason why he did it because he was not expecting to get a response.  REALLY?  You thought a pic with you looking to hold a gun wouldn't get a response little boy. This is still and open investigation and as of now no charges have been filed. What do you think?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!! Source: TMZ

Love& Hip Hop ATL S2Ep9 RECAP

"Go check out GEM SpotTV Right NOW!" Diamonds and Gents check out my REVIEW on Love and Hip Hop ATL Right here: What do you think?  Comment down Below! Much Love Darlings!!!


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Calling All Actors, Comedians and Singers!!!

"Don't forget to Catch Living It Up at 1:30p ct 2DAY " Diamonds and Gents I have decide to stop sitting on it but do it!  I wrote a Comedy Stage Play and I am looking for Actors, Singers and MOST IMPORTANT Comedians to bring this production to life.  We are looking for all Ages 16-65 male and female. Q&A Q. What am I looking for?  A. Those with Talent.  Q.What do I have to do to be apart? A. Come to the audition July 20th at 4pm at New Rhema Harvest K.O.G. Ministries 5429 S. Ashland at 4pm.  Chicago, IL Q. What should I have prepared? A.  A monologue or scene from your favorite movie.  If you are a singer have a song ready to sing preferable gospel. Q. Would the actors get paid?  A. That will be a way to generate compensation for talent.  That will be discuss once actor gets the part. So I am hoping to see you there if you will be there email me at . If you are in the Chicagoland A

Flavor Flav is Getting Evicted Chick no more......

"Catch Erotica author Sat. on Living It Up 1:30pct" Diamonds and Gents Flavor Flav Michigan chicken shack ain't paid a lick of rent.  Chile, this man has opened up several chicken shacks since 2011.  All have been close cause somehow he don't believe in paying rent.  Now, come on Flav I know the chicken sailing what the hellz is going on over there. Well, last of the Mohican's the shack in Michigan he opened in December 2012 has been closed.  Not because of health violations Naw.  Close for not paying rent Flav you need a good old fashion beat down you got the homies running it into the ground. Now, they allege he owes get this $25,000 dollars late fees, mortgage and damage.  Now, Flav was asked for a statement he said, "I had no idea the restaurant was in trouble. But the rapper insists, "I'm gonna figure out what's going on and get to the bottom of this ASAP!" Flav you needed yo'

BET will be stepping back into Reality Tv That is......

"Don't Forget tonight power call 7:25p ct (605)477-3000 access code 301107# BE EMPOWERED" Diamonds and Gents I guess BET is tired of everyone making that reality TV money.  So they will be coming out with a unscripted show themselves. " The Hip Hop Sisters." Now this will feature MC Lyte, Lil Mama, YoYo, Smooth,  Monie Love and Lady Rage.  Now it will be depicting the lives of these ladies trying to regain there hip hop queen crown.  It will follow there careers to getting back on top.  Lil Mama is currently being mentored by MC Lyte.  It will follow there family lives and even there steps to taking hip hop on again. MC Lyte also let it be known, this will not be a fight fist feast.  This will be about uplifting another sister our struggles and rises. All I have say is kudos to you all.  I am looking forward to this show.  Don't forget to be looking out for this show on BET Check local listings. Much Love Darlings!!!

R&B Divas Season 2 Ep. 7 RECAP

"Catch Time of Empowerment Conf. Call 2moro. at 7:25p ct (605)477-3000 access code 301107#" Diamonds and Gents I have checked out TV One's  R&B Divas check me out as I weigh in. What you think about this week's episode?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Jiroemon Kimura oldest man in recorded History passed at 116

"Catch Time of Empowerment Friday at 7:25pm cst (605)477-3000 access code 301107#" Diamonds and Gents Mr. Jiroemon Kimura Japanese man died at the age of 116.  He was pronounced the oldest recorded man/person to live in history by the Guinness book of world records.  He had taken the title after an Ohio woman died at 115 a year in a half ago. Well, he said that he accounts it to him being in the sun and keeping his mind sharp.  Mr. Kimura ate 3 meals a day and it consist of rice, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.  He even bragged about how he was learning to speak English. His favorite phrase to greet people was ""Thank you very much, you are very kind." Well, Mr. Kimura was admitted to the hospital last month after contracting pneumonia. He leaves behind 7 children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 14 great great- grandchildren. Kudos to a life well lived and I am running out to go get me some rice, pumpkins and sweet potatoes but they ha

Florida Mom Arrested after Fighting Jessica Tyler for assaulting her child......

"Check out Living It Up on Saturday at 1:30pm ct"   Diamonds and Gents Oh yes you read right.  So, apparently the two mothers was at a Florida Elementary school.  Jessica Tyler got up and approach Latisha James to sit down.  Now, keep in mind it is a whole roll of other parents and out of this whole roll she goes to Ms. James to sit down.  Ms. James decided not to sit down.  So Jessica Tyler gets up stands in front of Latisha James.  As Jessica Tyler was walking off she pushes Ms. James 3 year old child down to the ground. Latisha James goes up to Jessica Tyler and asks her did you just push my child down in 5.2s the fight was on.  Now, the police show up.  Guess who was sent to jail you guessed it Latisha James.  Now, the media has plastered Ms. James name everywhere.  Only one blog has mention the other mother's name.  Well, after the video has shown Ms. James child being knock down.  Jessica Tyler can also, face char

Ciara got severed on stage,Yandy happy about Rise on #LHHNY , janelle monae&...

"Don't miss Author J. Shanelle Byners on Living It Up Saturday at 1:30pmcst" Diamonds and Gents check out this video.  I'm talking the latest in celeb dish. Right here: Comment down below and let me know what you think! Much Love Darlings!!!

Sizzling Saturday Night out LOOKS!!!

"Don't forget to catch Time of Empowerment Conference Call Friday at 7:25pm cst (605) 477-3000 access code 301107# with Guest Speaker Pastor Pamela McDonald" Diamonds you work hard all week and Saturday is here.  You and the other Diamonds want to paint the town Gem Style.  Here are some great easy to do looks Check them out: Much Love Darlings!!!

Product REVIEW Entwine Products(For Natural and Transitioning Hair)

"Don't forget tonight's Time of Empowerment Conference Call at 7:25 pm cst (605) 477-3000 access code 301107# with The Conquering Coach Da-Nay Macklin" Diamonds and Gents with Natural hair this maybe the product for you.  Check it out!  I used the Hydrator, Argon Oil, There Jelle Styler and De la Mode.  I love the Hydrator and the Argon Oil.  Those were my favs.  The Jelle Styler and de la mode didn't really work well for me.  Check me out Live talking these products.  To purchase the products go to

Bobbi Kristina Brown Eviction Due to Noise Complaints from Neighbors

"Don't want to miss 2moro. Time for Empowerment Conference Call (605) 477-3000 access code 301107# Guest Speaker Conquering Coach Da-Nay Macklin 7:25pm cst" Diamonds and Gents Bobbi Kristina was evicted from her apartment.  Well apparently the couple living below her had an issue with the noise Ms. Bobbi Kristina was keeping up. Lets just say Bobbi Kristina nobody wants to hear noise after a long day of work.  Be a good neighbor and hush up all that noise.  Well, Bobbi Kristina left a nasty letter to the couple that kept filing the noise complaints check it out in this TMZ video: What you think? Do you think this was excessive? And whoever it was gave the letter to TMZ must've need some cash I'm just saying what you think? Much Love Darlings!!! Source:TMZ

First Lady Obama handles heckler

"Check out GEM SpotTV on RIGHT NOW!" Chile First Lady Obama is everything and everything is her. Diamonds and Gents during a fundraiser in D.C. an protester got loud during her speech at the podium. Lady Michelle Obama was having none of that.  She walked down that podium with mic in hand and told the protester face-to-face " See this is what I don't do. You want this mic and told the crowd I can leave the choice is yours.  You have one choice." Yessssssss! Everything needless to say the crowd applaud and secret service got rid of the heckler.  Now who knew the queen of the U.S.A. didn't have patience for mess.  No time to waste her time. A round of applauds goes out to First Lady Michelle Obama Queen Diamond of the free world.  Side bar she was like "Ain't nobody got time for that"! What you think? Did she handle this with class? Much Love Darlings!!!

Paris Jackson Rushed to the hosiptal

"Check out Living It Up on DEMAND NOW!" Diamonds and Gents apparently Paris Jackson has not been getting the proper attention.  Well, Paris Jackson was hospitalized on Tuesday morning for allege suicide attempt.  Some sources say the 15 year old felt abandon since Father's death.  Well, Katherine Jackson lawyer reported it is hard growing up being a sensitive 15 year old no matter who you and especially losing the one that is the closes to you. Well, Debbie Rowe Paris mother said she was rushed because of cuts on her wrist.  She informed Entertainment Tonight. Either way I hope you all give Paris the help she needs.  I am rooting for you to come out this depression.  Or whatever is going on. Sending Love to the Jackson during this time. Much Love Darlings!!!

Love and Hip Hop ATL S2 EP 7 RECAP

"Check out GEM SpotTV on RIGHT NOW!" Diamonds and Gents I watched and Reviewed Check it Out: Much Love Darlings!!!

Pink Lipstick Shades Maybelline Color Whisper & Wet & Wild New megalast A Epic FAIL REVIEW

"Check out GEM SpotTV on RIGHT NOW!" What's happening Diamonds?  I got some more good quality products for your makeup and one Epic Fail.  Now the Wet and Wild matte finish lippies are amazing.  Make sure to exfoliate your lips before using.  Because, these will show every crack LOL.  The Maybelline Color Whisper has a very sheer finish.  But, goes on like liquid butter.  Now the retail price is 7.49 to 7.99 depending where you pick it up at.  You will really like this shade I picked up Mad Magenta. Now for the Epic FAIL this is a lip stain.  I'm telling you it's not a good formula.  I love wet and wild but this one needs a better formula.  So Check out the video: Let me know down below of any make-up products or beauty products you would like an review on.  Down below in the comment section. Much Love Darlings!!! (Disclaimer: I purchased all products with my own money.  This in no way express anyone else

All In the Family Star Jean Stapleton dies

"Listen to Living It Up on ON DEMAND!" Diamonds and Gents Edith Bunker is gone y'all.  Well the woman who was known for crying out "Aaaachrie !" has past of natural causes at the age of 90.  WOW! She lived a full life.  Well best know for playing Edith Bunker and being called a "dingbat".  By her television husband.  She won three Emmy's and 2 Golden Globes.  Play in films and even on stage.  Her run on 70's show All In the Family last 9 seasons and over 200 episodes. Well Ms. Jean Stapleton R.I.P. Much Love Darlings!!!

It's Time for Your Empowerment Every Friday for the Month of JUNE"

"Every Friday at 7:25 pm cst Catch Time of Empowerment with Some Great Diamonds and Gents call ( 605) 477-3000 access code 301107 press # ." Diamonds and Gents It's your Time for Empowerment.  Have you felt suck at a certain level and breakthrough is not around.  Don't fret Ms. Tra` "That Gem" want to help by rallying the troops.  I have gotten in touch with some great people to be apart of this great EVENT. So half way into the new year and now it's time to get in gear for another season.  Why not go into a new season with the tools and keys you need to help you get there.  So get with me Every Friday at 7:25p cst Here's the Conference Schedule June 7th Conquering Coach Da-Nay Macklin June 14th Subject: Body Image Health and Wellness and Business T.B.A. June 21st Subject: Breaking through in Social Media T.B.A. June 28th Speaker PR Girl Angel You don't want to miss th

Today's guest on Living It UP Comedian Leslie Jones

"Listen to my new episode Ms. Tra` "That Gem" with Leslie Jones  at . " Diamonds and Gents we had the funniest and most down to Earth intelligent person you want to meet in the game ON AIR Actress/Comedian Leslie Jones @Lesdoggg on TWITTER.  We talked upcoming projects and why she say F*** love.  F.Y.I. in risk of not being her friend we gotta change her mind LOL j/k.  I know you a G @Lesdoggg . If she is not in your rotation get her DVD go to her website . Get it in yo' Life.  Check out: Ms. Tra` "That Gem" with Leslie Jones  at . You can find all her social media right on her website check it out! Much Love Darlings!!!