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Ludacris girlfriend attacked on Instagram for Giving Caucasian Dolls to African Kids

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Diamonds and Gents poor Eudoxie.  She went back to her country bearing gifts and all the dolls she had were white.  Instagram really fired shots.  Telling her to give them dolls that look like them to empower them.  Others said color doesn't matter she is doing something nice.

Well, with the thing of race and color you would think that was only in America.  But, a young women from London(On Exdoxie photo on Instagram) said how hard it was to really portray a positive image of black to her daughter. On the wake of Dark Girls airing on OWN television network check your local listings.  I really seen the commercial and didn't think this type of stuff still exist far is dark skin and light skin. 

Let me explain I grew up with looking at every shade a woman can be.  Women as light as Caucasian women.  Women that look light as Hispanics.  Women as olive as Native American.  Dark as Africans.  We always talked about how beautiful we were.  Never had a problem with how we loved one another.  Never acted like one was better then the other.  My mom which is a light skinned woman always said how dark she wanted to be though.  Which to me instilled power on my skin complexion.  I was like wow my mom want to look like me.  A lot dark skin women I talk to won't allow me to call myself dark.  That was the first encounter I had with it.  She said you are not dark I am, you are brown skinned.  I was looking at her like brown skin.  What the hell?  She was gorgeous and I didn't take anything from her with it.  But, she took that from me.  I was offended. 

So it hit me.  Their is a real issue of how we perceive are selves.  I grew up with black dolls.  Never look at my doll as being a reflection of me but it taught me to be proud of dark skin.  I never considered myself brown skin.  I'm Black woman.  This skin color barrier stuff needs to stop.

All shades we are beautiful.  Embrace it.  If Endoxie want to give little Caucasian dolls to the children its up to there parents to, have a problem with it.   All the parents have to do is not except the dolls.  Everything is not your fight people.  You want them to have dolls that look like them then you ship them some.  Or go over there and give them.  Honestly, I wouldn't except it because of what America have portrayed for so many years as far as white being right.  Black you better get back.  Stereo typical attitudes that have messed up our young women and men way of life and thinking.  But, would thank her for the jester.

So I really want to know what you think about this skin thing.  Let me know in the comment section.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Pictures courtesy of Endoxie Instagram


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