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Get your book "Living the Diamond Life" TODAY! Click the "Shop" tab now! By: Nakiya "K Gold." Walters What's up Diamonds and Diamond Status Gents!  A shift is in the air- can you feel it? Summer is looming just ahead and it's about time I drop a few gems on keeping your locs moisturized during the hot months. It's a well known fact that too much sun can damage our skin, but it's time we talk about how it can damage our hair as well. Prolonged contact with the sun's rays can not only damage the structure of the follicle, but also drain the hair of it's moisture and sheen. I've seen many try to combat dry hair by piling on oils and products, but the truth is that will just lead to greasy, weighed down locs and lots of build-up. So do you want to know the key to having moisturized locs? Okay fine I'll tell you... Water. Yup, good ole H2O will save you every time. Our bodies love it, so it's no surprise that o

Diamond Talk “Dating Then vs. Now”

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Diamond Talk “Natural Hair Talk”

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StoryTime: Our Worst Breakup Ever

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