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Quick Update

Diamonds and Gents I will be looking for bloggers for this site.  Please email me serious inquiries only at .  I will be back in a couple of weeks doing videos.  Just moved and they won't able to get back with my internet until then.  I will be blogging but not as often.  I do apologize to anyone that check me out daily.  But, situation far out of my control. Love you all! See ya in a few. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Kandi Burruss Wedding Featured In Touch Weekly

"Take the time to sub to the website.  By hooking it to your Google, Twitter or Yahoo account!" Diamonds and Gents Kandi finally got married! First thing first, Congratulations to you and Todd.  Any who, they have a few photos and they even asked Kandi about her Bravo spin-off.  She admits there will be a lot of material. The wedding took place in the A. For a month of planning the attendees says it was so beautiful.  I bet it was it was $400,000.  She also, wore a beautiful $20,000 dress.  She looked beautiful by the way. Well, I hope everything works out well with the family.  Y'all do know I'm talking about that Mama Joyce. What you think? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Mary Mary Season 3 Ep6 Recap

March Favorites 2014

"Listen to Living It Up on on DEMAND!" Diamonds and Gents here is my long awaited video of my favs.  Check it out. Which of these products you use? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Basketball Wives LA S3 Ep7 ReCAP