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Black Women, Black People and Workplace Woes

“COMING SOON: “LIVE ABOVE” CAMPAIGN- ARE YOU READY TO LIVE ABOVE YOUR POTENTIAL? TEES AVAILABLE NOW! JOGGERS WILL AVAILABLE IN A WEEK! HIT THE SHOP TAB!”                                             Written by: Ms. Tra` “That Gem” What’s going on Diamonds and my DiamondStatus Gents!?! Well I have been seeing this article going around Facebook about people leaving the work place due to it being a toxic environment.  Not so much because of their co-workers, but it’s upper management that can make it seem pretty toxic.  I can agree, I have been there before.  And trust it is a very hard place to be.  Now the current company I work for is great!  However, I got a call the other day that implied that I didn’t want to be known as “that girl”. Well, even though I’m known for being thorough, they’re response was “No, just do it.”  Meaning do whatever is asked without question. Have their behind even if it’s wrong. So basically, I’m just supposed to trust that.  I can’t! Sorry,