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Special Broadcast for Small Business Owners and Organization.  I APOLOGIZE TO ALL CALLERS THAT WANTED TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO YOUR BUSINESS YOU WILL GET THAT CHANCE December 18, 2010 @3:30p.m. til 3:40pm.  I will be broadcasting that show through a record for youtube as well.  I was experiencing problems with my computer for the switchboard. Eden's Jewels information'sjewels or email Mickial Orr @ .  Get that jewelery. Restoration House you can contact them both Frenda Rodgers and Mickial Orr @ . or email them @ . Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio Much Love Darling!!!

Ms. Tra` "That Gem" Blog Talk Show

Every Saturday 3:30p.m. til 4p.m. This Saturday Show was Very Good I had Special Guest Kristina Garcia with   An Independent Consultant of Passion Parties.   You can order from her and use code "MOMS" you will get 15% off..  We talk about cheaters leave your comments and let me know what you think about our topic. Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio Much Love Darlings!!!!!

This How We Do It!!! Happy ThanksGiving!!!

Chi-Town Dish :  Oprah Winfrey was spotted and photographed by Chicago Sun Times having lunch with Drag Queen Chili Pepper and staff.  @ Cut Steak House.  She twitter how good the steak was.  Y'all couldn't pay 4 that kind of publicity. Legally Blonde the musical will be at the Rosemont Theatre Dec. 3-5th.  go to .  Get those tickets Belle is waiting!!! Music:   Nicki Minja finally respond 2 Lil Kim on the beef.  My girl was positive, I love it!  Lil Kim boo boo.  I never took you as a hater.  U was my nig ya dig.  Any who, Nicki Minja was spotted on the red carpet at Mac Cosmetics promoting her new lipstick Pink Friday.    Go cop that ya dig.  My girl Pink 3 months pregnant, with her 1st child with husband Carey Hart congrats darling.  Cher and Christina is appearing in Burlesque hit the big screen yesterday.  Hey!!!   I'll be blogging on that one soon.  Katy Perry why they wont leave us big boob sisters alone.   Leave us alone Dan.  T

Ms. Tra "that Gem" Blog Talk Show

Every Sat. 3:30p.m. til 4p.m. Central time I will be On  you can call in at (424)675-8225.  Check out todays show below.   Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio

4 Colored Girls!!!

Colored Girls was originally a play in the 1970's.  Tyler Perry made it a movie.  This was the most depressing movie I have ever seen.  I'm need some counseling myself after that one my God.  Somebody anybody.  Now it was one dissent brother in the whole film.  Tyler I'm need you to stop watching the boondocks.  They have made you see value in a old mess that should have been left in the 70's.  One man raped a girl, One man on the DL, One womanizer leaving the woman ever chance he got and every other sleeping with a whore.  Married as they wanna be. The only woman character that was not being victimized was Phyicia Rashaad character.  In the past even she was.  Life gotta get better Tyler.  You are billionaire now brother.  When we gonna be happy with stable marriages AND  Lives.  Jesus Christ. If you can handle being depress and not seeing any light then go see Colored Girls but, if not keep your $10.  If   I can give this movie gems from 1to 5 I'll give it 3

Toni Braxton does It Again!!!

Toni, Toni, Toni girl you going bankrupt again!!!  It is reported Toni Braxton is in debt $10 to $50 million dollars.  My girl has been sick so in the meantime, her team was suppose to be taking care of business instead my girl back in debt. I'm need you to change your middle name to fire.  You need to start firing everybody.  If your momma work for you fire her butt to.  If you have trouble firing a mug call Donald Trump.  Just ask Omarosa you know my boy good at at it check his credits. Broadway actress, autism activist and singer girl you got a great resume.  Just jack up on the other fronts.  Now it has been reported P. Diddy and Jay-z suppose to help out.  But, has been said Simon Cowel and Jay-z was suppose to help Fantasia.  Tasia said they didn't so I don't know.  Most definitely I'm be praying for you and denim and the whole clan.  Just call my boy Donald he will fire some folk 4 ya with no kind of problems LOL.  Much Love Darling!!!!

You A Barbie Girl In A Barbie World!!!!! LMBO!!!!!

Now, Nicki Minja girl stop yourself.  You have a concert to perform; not to sign breast.  It has been reported you had a concert just a few days ago.  The concert started at 9 p.m. you get your tail feathers there at 1:45a.m.  Speaking of tail feathers you was so drunk you forgot to put your butt in Ms. Lady.  Now, you the last of the Mohegans when it come to females in hip hop.  Get it together.  I'm glad I sent somebody to your concert and didn't go.   Because,  Ms. Tra` would have had to get her money back for that one. To all you barbie girls living in this barbie world.  You rather get your breast sign then to hear her rap.  I'm need ya ll to tap into reality.  I'm  Gem I'm not about to say 2 each its own.  Because that is foolery if that is a word lol. But anyway, Nicki Minja has a CD coming out this month its available 11/22/10 on ITUnes called Pink Friday .  It has a pink cute tee-shirt available with it.  She said, she is misunderstood by her peers a