Toni Braxton does It Again!!!

Toni, Toni, Toni girl you going bankrupt again!!!  It is reported Toni Braxton is in debt $10 to $50 million dollars.  My girl has been sick so in the meantime, her team was suppose to be taking care of business instead my girl back in debt.

I'm need you to change your middle name to fire.  You need to start firing everybody.  If your momma work for you fire her butt to.  If you have trouble firing a mug call Donald Trump.  Just ask Omarosa you know my boy good at at it check his credits.

Broadway actress, autism activist and singer girl you got a great resume.  Just jack up on the other fronts.  Now it has been reported P. Diddy and Jay-z suppose to help out.  But, has been said Simon Cowel and Jay-z was suppose to help Fantasia.  Tasia said they didn't so I don't know. 

Most definitely I'm be praying for you and denim and the whole clan.  Just call my boy Donald he will fire some folk 4 ya with no kind of problems LOL.  Much Love Darling!!!!


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