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Boys to Gents:"The Makings of A Real Man"

You might've missed last Friday show that's ok Here is the Radio Show for you.  I had the Gents weighing in darling!  They came against sterotypes.  You gotta listen.  With your host Big Ant The #1 Gent.  He had a couple Gents helping out catch right HERE: Listen to internet radio with mstraXthatgem on Blog Talk Radio Much Love Darlings!!!

Steve Harvey about 2 Take Mary 2 Court Y'all!!!!!

Mary Lee Harvey the ex- wife of Steve Harvey made some YouTube videos y'all. This heifer here.  All on the video talking about my man(Steve Harvey) like this situation just happen yesterday.  This happen 2005.  Girl you 6 years late ain't you. Any who, Miss Thang got some serious allegations. Apparently, she is alleging Steve Harvey has had a mistress on the side while they were married.  She also, has said my man left her broke.  But, Mary's assistant came forward and said Mary lying y'all.  According, to the assistant Ms. Thang(Mary Harvey) was getting $40,000 a month.  That's allot of chop boo.  Mary also, has stated that.  She sent her son to visit and he end up getting custody of there son.  Mary's ex- assistant says, that was a lie.  The ex-assistant said; it was Mary's idea for 13 year old Wynton, to go live with his Father.  She knows this because, she told me to put Wynton on the plane. Now, Ms. Thang(Mary) , Why in the world you didn't keep