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I had a DREAM...#Women #beautyis

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Diamonds and Gents I had a dream! But, I was going to make a video. Still may!?! But, I wanted it documented some kind of way. So I wouldn't forget. It's been real disheartening lately, seeing so many women fighting. These videos have just been to much. But anyway here goes.

Ok so I dreamed about these group of women that always was fighting. Whether it was debating, physically or whatever. I was walking down the hallway. And law enforcement was there. I kept trying to prove my innocence. The one start yelling at the police.  Then the other one who just got tired of defending herself. Anyway all three of us got thrown in the room together. We were being observed by a few law enforcement agents that was in the room. Anyway for some reason one was my cousin. (Now a quick back story on this particular cousin. I'm always praying for her level of compassion to increase. Because she has been through so much. That so…

Bean Boozled Challenge

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