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That Gem Corner: He says I'm to Ambitious. What should I do?

"Check out GEMSpotTV and make sure to click that Tab and subscribe button!" First I know I'm behind on a few emails.  Diamonds and Gents asking for videos and blog post wanting my opinion.  So That Gem Corner will be up back and full affect.  If you are not familiar with it.  It is a way to ask for my advice.  By clicking that picture right on the side and leaving me a message.  Or emailing me directly at .  Come on out your corner worrying!  And let me bring you to That Gem Corner. Hey Tra, Hey Lady I ran across your video talking to a young lady. She was getting taken advantage of by her family.  I love how you were up front with her.  I like that! So here goes I've been dating this guy for 6 mths. girl, he is such a nice guy.  He owns his own business and  his business is kind of slow right now because he has sickle cell.  So he can't work like he normally does.  Anyway, I own a beauty shop and now I'm looking into selli

Whats on my Nails Bday Edition