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First, before I say anything I want to say how proud I am of the Youth at my church.  Children of Excellence y'all not playing.   I absolutely loved y'all dance "I'm general"!!!    Sunday, I was blown away by All Nations Worship Assembly.  Where my Pastors are Dr's. Matthew & Kamiliah Stevenson.  Gripped (the youth ministry ages 13-21), did a skit on dealing with issues of today's young people.  It dealt with rape, molestation, anger,rebellion and many others.  They talked about it and expose somethings.  It helped so many adults as well as the youth get free.  So many times there is the actions of people we see.  We never see why.  Why? They expose why.  They are today's leaders and contenders.  You all get in the race and finish as Paul said.  Frenda Rodgers, Youth Leader.  Step back and allowed the youth to plan and execute and it paid off!!!! There were souls won.  People set free.  I love the fact that you all are ex's.  Thanks for exp

ICB "Illinois Center of Broadcasting"!!!!

I am so excite to announce I will be going to Illinois Ctr. of Broadcasting!  I'm going to upload my voice over later to the blog.  Any who, I met Bioncce Foxx she used to be on WGCI 107.5 Chicago. Now she is the Producer of their online radio show that they have.  I am so excited to see that  they have industry professionals on staff. To attend school there  is a little costly!  But, it will  be totally worth it.  I also, took a tour of the campus with Ms. Dana (admisson counselor) it very nice class, studio and even television set.  I am looking forward to Sept. 20th. Now yall know on Ms. Tra "That Gem" Blogspot.  We will like to hear what you want to hear and see in today's media so comment and become a follower today. Much Love Darlings!!!

Dr. Laura you didn't learn from dude from Senfield

It has been reported that Dr. Laura Schlessinger start yelling at an African American caller.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a host of a popular radio show.  She is know for indecent remarks, being out spoken and speaking her mind but this time she went to far.  This all start when a young lady by the name of Jade; called her radio show to get advice about her Anglo-Saxon side of the family calling her  the N-Word.  Dr. Laura then proceed to tell her she needs to lighten up.  Begin, to talk about how black comedians use this word very freely and she begins to rant this word over and over again.  Al Sharpton responsed very canted, he was reported saying it is not ok .  For Black or white to use this word it is a word of hate he says.  Now Ms. Tra "That Gem" Blogspot we tell the truth.  Now, you and I both know that not only was she out of order.   But, she was wrong, wrong wrong!!   There is a time and place for everything.  Jade ask for help.   Not to be attacked even more.  Dr

In the Hurt of American Idol?!

I was very surprise and was gasping for air when I heard the news of Fantasia Barrino.  She attemped suicide due to her resent relationship.  With a Mr. Cook, who was married and lieing about seperation.  This is so ironic his name was Cook.  This fool cooked her nerves to the point she attempted suicide to get away from the mess.  My heart goes out to you sweetie.  To your family in this situation.  I want to say one thing.  Go back to your root.  Dont lose hope.  You are very vaulable in this life.  We love you and hope the best.  To all young diamonds that are reading this and young gents that are reading this.  You are so worth the fight for your life.  Dont lose hope or lose yourself in anybody you are your own!!!!   Much Love Darling!!!!!

Tyra B.I.O. Campaign

This Tyra Banks last season.  For her talk show that is.  I am so excited that she has launched a nationwide campaign called B.I.O.  Beauty Inside and Out. I am a very sexy, atractive full figured woman.  That loves myself.  I am 14/16.  I love looking good and fab.  I am so excited about this nationwide campaign.  So to all those woman that are out there.  Lets support this campaign.  We have to love ourselves.  Dress nice, get hair did.  Or do it yourself but take time for you.  You are beauiful in every single way.  To tall, to skinny, to big wahtever they say you are beauiful.  I love you darling and lets support this campaign Go Tyra!!!!!!