Tyra B.I.O. Campaign

This Tyra Banks last season.  For her talk show that is.  I am so excited that she has launched a nationwide campaign called B.I.O.  Beauty Inside and Out. I am a very sexy, atractive full figured woman.  That loves myself.  I am 14/16.  I love looking good and fab.  I am so excited about this nationwide campaign.  So to all those woman that are out there.  Lets support this campaign.  We have to love ourselves.  Dress nice, get hair did.  Or do it yourself but take time for you.  You are beauiful in every single way.  To tall, to skinny, to big wahtever they say you are beauiful.  I love you darling and lets support this campaign Go Tyra!!!!!!


  1. Yes I'm loving this. I am a a full figured woman as well. I live in Atlanta and the guys here love it. But I am realizing when I start traveling its not like that in other places. So my sister spread the word. I love it. And good luck in broadcasting school. I will follow you. I love shopping and clothes most of the things you do. You should check out lalah halloway. She smooth neo soul sound I think you will enjoy her you go girl!!!

  2. you mean lalah hathoway she is on the monique show now. On BET. Thanks darling. This just the begining. I will be adding her to my likes. Much Love Darling!!! Thank You!!!


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