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Natural Hair and Weight Loss Update Part 2

" Listen to my new episode Talk that Talk with Ms. Tra` "That Gem" at . " Diamonds and Gents I am super excited about my journeys.  Also, I'm more excited to see the progress. Check out my Natural Hair journey from a bob to the center of my back. Oh yeah you can grow some hair. Natural girls rock! If you are trying to loss weight check out my weight loss journey video part 1 as well! What challenges are you having with your natural hair? Hopefully we can help. Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Radio Show Boys 2 Gents

" Listen to my new episode Talk that Talk with Ms. Tra` "That Gem" at . " #BlogTalkRadio Diamonds and Gents the Gents took my show over.  They talked about cheating. And what kind of woman make you cheat. Well, fine for one said he will cheat if she fine or nah? One said he would cheat if she fine or nah? He said, because when he tired of a woman that's what he do. Chile check it out!   Talk that Talk with Ms. Tra` "That Gem" 09/27 by mstraXthatgem | Entertainment Podcasts   If you can't open the window go to   Ms. Tra` "That Gem" at .  So Gents would you cheat if she fine or nah? Or working woman or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana BREAK UP

"Tune in to Living it Up great show today at 1p central time!" Diamonds and Gents French is mad! OK so in a interview with Sway on MTV the split came up  Chile, French Montana body language and all changed. Well, he claim Khloe wasn't over Lamar and he didn't have the time it would take to fix her. Oh yes he even said she can go back to that druggie and take her pills and live happily ever after. So wait now, they get in touch with her PR and she said..."Khloe is not going back to Lamar. French is just made because Khloe don't want him." Then after the pill allegation she posted a IG pic of her holding weight loss pills. Chile is French Montana mad because he toast or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! 

K. Michelle Speaks Out

"Listen to all male panel Boys 2 Gents show on 1p central time. " Diamonds and Gents K. Michelle sets the record straight on what really happen between her and Memphitz. Now, my girl makes a post on her IG letting it be known she never said he punch her. She said he dragged her across the floor. Well, I know #Rebels y'all want to know why she have to explain the measure of abuse. K. Michelle was attacked by Everybody know she hates bossip. From last year when she went ham on one of them.  So needless to say she made a statement on a blog and IG. I say abuse is abuse. Good K. You speaking against IT!  Whether he punched you or dragged you. Abuse is abuse. I stand by K. What you think should she say forget the haters? Stop making statements or should she keep bringing awareness to the foolishness? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love be EMPOWERED!

Fantasia has the Man of Her Dreams

"Listen live to Boys 2 Gents this Saturday on Living It Up at 1p central time !" Diamonds and Gents Fantasia got herself a man.  Well, Fantasia took to social media to introduce her new beau.  The handsome fella by the new of Kendall Taylor. Fantasia posted several pics of him, but the one of him giving her P.D.A.(public displays of affection) was priceless. Well, sources say Kendall Taylor is not just a random.  He is COO of Metro Transportation a courier service. Fantasia even tells us that when she was a preteen she dreamed of a bald handsome man. This man would say her name and ask her not to go. Needless to say in 2010 she wrote a song called "Daydreaming" you can check it out on YouTube.  She admits the song was about her dream guy. Well, over here at #teamthatgem we are happy and excited for our rock soul Diamond sistah! Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Bow Wow and that Cray, Cray Erica Mena Engaged

"Listen to Living it Up Boys 2 Gents Edition all male talk panel. Listen live !" Diamonds and Gents this is a couple you would've never imagine together. So Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is engaged to Love and Hip Hop NY star Erica Mena.  Now, according to E online the two have been dating for about 6 months. It was all revealed by Erica Mena's herself on the red carpet. Hip Hop Awards 2014 got interesting on the red carpet. She was asked about him being her boyfriend. Well, she answered by saying ugh...not boyfriend but fiancee. Well, needless to say November Love andHip Hop is about  to get interesting. So can you believe it or nah? Or is this just a career move? I don't know what you think? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED! Source: E online

Breaking News: Keyshia Cole is Arrested on Suspicion of Battery

"Listen Live Today to Living It Up at 2pmest/1pmct!" Would your response be the same or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!"

#AlsinaNation August Alsina woke up out of 3 day coma

"Listen live Today as me and my Girl PRGirlAngel chop it up live on Air! Listen live at 2pest/1pct or call in 424 675 8225." Diamonds and Gents August Alsina WOKE UP! So The singer experienced a nasty fall after falling from a seizure.  Apparently, this took place in the NYC during or shortly after his performance.  Well needless to say this lead him to a coma for 3 days. August woke up and Instagram #AlsinaNation to let them know  what had taken place. He IG, take care of yourself. Life is to short and value true friends that won't leave your side. Over here at #teamthatgem we are happy you woke up. Speedy recovery to you! Are you taking time to take care of you? What tips can you give us in the helps of our me time? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Weight Loss and Natural Hair Update Part 1

"Listen Live tomorrow as I chop it up with PRGirlAngel on at 1pm central time!" Diamonds and Gents I am so excited to announce I'm 10 pounds away from my goal. This has been a journey! But, I'm so happy I endured it all.  I feel better and think more clearer it's amazing how I feel.  Taking care of you trust is one of the most important things you could do! Check Out in my own words my journey: What are some of your struggles in your weight loss journey? Would you benefit from a support group? Or encouragement from yours truly? Comment don below and let me know! Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!  

#Wendyeatscrow Wendy Williams Show

"Listen Live to Living it Up with special guest PRGirlAngel at 1pm central time!" Diamonds and Gents Wendy Williams kept her word. Well, Wendy promised us Wendy Watchers that she will eat crow if Kimye last 72days of marriage. Well, we know they have lasted longer. So today on her live show she ate crow. What you think? Did you believe they would last or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Breaking News: Jay-Z confirms Beyonce is expecting Baby No. 2

So what do you think this baby name will be? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and Be EMPOWERED!

NFL Adrian Peterson is getting Indicted for Whipping son with Switch

"Listen Live Today to Living It Up with yours truly. Check it out at 1pm ct  !" Diamonds and Gents the Black man in the NFL is having a very bad week.  So Adrian Peterson in the month of May discipline his son.  So apparently, his 4 year old son knocked one of his siblings of a motorbike.  And as punishment Peterson whipped him with a switch. Well, after his son made it back to his mother.  She seen bruises and rushed him to the doctor.  Needless to say they are indicting him now over it. The Lawyer released a statement, "Mr. Peterson was doing only what he was privy to growing up. He never meant to harm his son.  He just as disciplining him like he and so many others were disciplined." Well, what you think are you buying the statement.  All I have to say is, he whipped his butt for bad behavior. Now yes it was a switch and I had to go get it myself.  Chile, but I was 7 years old too.  Some people feel that he is

Breaking News Dutchess and Caesar Fight Puma and the minions

"Listen to Living It Up Saturday September 13 at 1pm central time on !" Diamonds and Gents the Black Ink Crew is at it again. So everyone was already talking about  the alleged fight between Dutchess and Alex. This was suppose have taken place in the first few tapings. Needless to say, it has went up fifty thousand jounces. Chile, Dutchess was getting jumped by 4 girls (that is being allege Puma sent her way). Caesar see and pull them apart and someone try to hit my boy. Then the fight was on. Check out the report. Go to GEMSpotTV and click on the link in the description bar. What you think is Puma innocent until proven guilty or nah? Hang that fool. Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Stevie J and Joseline Getting A Show Nooooooo...

"Listen to Living It Up Saturday September 13th at 1p central time!" Diamonds and Gents now after the foolishness Stebbie J and Beastsline are getting a show. Seriously, why?  This is the most dysfunctional couple on T.V. .  Now they're being rewarded for bad behavior. Chile, apparently they're everyone's favorite. After The Beast was released.  Beastaline went after Athia on the reunion. Then, beastsline didn't stop there, went for Tammy. Girlfriend pull Mimi hair dan near off her head. Stebbie was trying to fight longtime friend Benzino. The two tore the set up. And now, they're getting a show. Chile, hide your wife and your kids they beating up on everybody.  Well, I won't be watching. Just like I stop watching Love and Hip Hop, because of the foolery on ATL with the beast. Well, I wanna hear from you. Will you be tuning in or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!

RIP Joan Rivers

"Listen to Living It Up September 13th @1pm !" Diamonds and Gents Check out the report here:   What do you remember most about the comedienne? Comment down below.   Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!  

Breaking News: Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson in Biopic

"Listen live to Living it Up at 1pm ct on !" Would you check this out or nah? Comment Down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Ciara gets Back with Future for Future Baby

" Radio show back September 13, at 1pm ct on!" Also, listen on your phone by downloading your app." Diamonds and Gents looks like Ciara and Future are BACK! Well, she broke there engagement off in light of an allege cheating accusation.  Chile, needless to say Ciara decide to forgive. She claims, she doesn't want baby Future to grow up without his father. She feels there child should have a two parent home.  She even tweets in Forgiveness!?! Well, I'm happy they are going to work it out.  However, counseling is much needed. Be together and be happy. Not just for your 4 month shorty. If he not going to be right then let it go! You all can co-parent. That's just my take and opinion on it!  What you think? Should they stay together or nah? Is this all for the right reason or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Nick and Mariah: Nick says" Shut Up to the tabloids!"

" Check out Living It Up Saturday September 13, at 1pm central time! We are BACK!" Diamonds and Gents Nick Cannon is super mad at the Tabloids, for putting there mouth on his wife.  Listen mums the word for Mr. Cannon is over.  He is having a issue with all the rumors and the foolishness.  So Nick releases a statement setting the record straight.  He says IN SO MANY WORDS" I have not nor will I put the mother of my children down.  Furthermore, I owe her my life she was a good wife and mother. She gave me two gifts from God. So I will not speak poorly about her now or not in the near future. Leave my family alone. " Needless to say that's what I read. I'm glad he step-up to the plate. He shows he is good guy and man.  Mariah you better not lose your young good thing.  Y'all can work it out trust. Work it out Cannon's. What y'all think should they try to work it out or nah? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!"

Breaking News: Jill Scott Victim of Nude Photo leak

Do you think it is or nah? Comment down below.

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