K. Michelle Speaks Out

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Diamonds and Gents K. Michelle sets the record straight on what really happen between her and Memphitz. Now, my girl makes a post on her IG letting it be known she never said he punch her. She said he dragged her across the floor.

Well, I know #Rebels y'all want to know why she have to explain the measure of abuse. K. Michelle was attacked by bossip.com. Everybody know she hates bossip. From last year when she went ham on one of them.  So needless to say she made a statement on a blog and IG.

I say abuse is abuse. Good K. You speaking against IT!  Whether he punched you or dragged you. Abuse is abuse. I stand by K.

What you think should she say forget the haters? Stop making statements or should she keep bringing awareness to the foolishness? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love be EMPOWERED!


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