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Did Yandy Smith Harris Throw Shade or Nah? Hubby may be facing jail time.

Chile so Yandy Smith Harris was throwing shade allegedly. Knowing that hubby could be facing jail time. After he plead guilty to drug possession. Baby you know all vibes you put out ought to be good.  I'm just saying. What y'all think?

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Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Natural Hair Update Spring 2015

Girl Let Me See Your Nails x3

That Gem Corner: How to Come Back After Being Broken?

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Diamonds and Gents what's going on?  I haven't wrote one of these in a while. Just haven't been inspired, you know.  Well, I was talking to friend of mine about dating at 36 years old.  And, how she feels about that?  Especially, after being broken from a previous relationship.  She asked what do I think?  Aw will I ever be mended again?  I told her that depends solely on her.  She told me that was harsh.  But, I thought at the time that was very valid response.

She then ask me to explain.  So I said, the reality is you can read a book about acting like a lady and thinking like a man.  And still wont be a man. Yes you are broken, but it is possible not to date from that angle.  Listen I know that I am built, of feelings and emotions. Guess what, I am OK with that! Society makes us as women feel bad about that. I choose to not feel bad about that. Or be tough to pull a wool ov…

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