That Gem Corner: How to Come Back After Being Broken?

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Diamonds and Gents what's going on?  I haven't wrote one of these in a while. Just haven't been inspired, you know.  Well, I was talking to friend of mine about dating at 36 years old.  And, how she feels about that?  Especially, after being broken from a previous relationship.  She asked what do I think?  Aw will I ever be mended again?  I told her that depends solely on her.  She told me that was harsh.  But, I thought at the time that was very valid response.

She then ask me to explain.  So I said, the reality is you can read a book about acting like a lady and thinking like a man.  And still wont be a man. Yes you are broken, but it is possible not to date from that angle.  Listen I know that I am built, of feelings and emotions. Guess what, I am OK with that! Society makes us as women feel bad about that. I choose to not feel bad about that. Or be tough to pull a wool over whose eyes. Because, even though I am built with emotions and feelings. Don't take away from my strength.

 It was a time that I wasn't. You know emotional or had feelings. I absolutely didn't care. Oh yeah Gents its possible.  But, know when a woman is like that; she is all and all dangerous.  Very dangerous to herself first, and to others.  Know this, nine times out of ten she really don't care about herself. 

To get like that its called an harden heart.  The bible, says it's easier to win a whole city; then to win one man with an harden heart.  I refuse to let myself be that.  Or even get there again. So that's why I say you choose your outcome.  For women it is hard to let go. Especially, when you believe or buy into the lie.  Of what you have been told.  But, if truth be told, you can let go.  The only thing is, a lot of women don't want to face that reality.  Truth is they knew it all along.  But, they're very happy to hear(the truth that is) and move forward(when its finally told).  Trust that!

Its really not hard to hear, your just not that into me. And we just met!  It just becomes hard to hear it after I spent 365 days(being stringed along). So lady you choose. You choose if you can feel or pick up on the signs.  Not wait for him to say the truth. Just make the choice to use self-control and not jump in the shack. Never, Diamonds and Gents, be intimate with someone just because you see the outer. " The outer always fades!"  It's the heart that counts.  So then she understood. You Chose!

So I chose not to stay broken. Not to be an angry black woman. To rise above negativity and drama. Be loveable and in love! Even though you made me feel like I was the rug, you wiped your feet on. I choose to pick up the signs and to even listen to what you say... I'm just not that into you. Because, the harsh reality is this, I'm not special to you. But, oh yeah he's still out there. I am some one's rib! I was created solely for. Thanks for the trip. But, I won't be along for the journey.  The journey cost me to much. That is realizing that I'm a diamond in the rough. And the pressure is on! 

But, you don't have to break under it. You just have to be cut a little. I hope this helped you. It did her and me. Listen to this song it help me a few years ago. Ironic enough they even played it recently on a show. Those who watch know.

Any questions or comments. Leave them below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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