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Glittery New Year Makeup Collab w/BeautybyJodae

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What's happening Diamonds and Gents? I hope you all are having a great New Year's Eve boo's.  Any who, down below I have a collab you need to check out before you hit a night out on the town.  Also, check out my girl collab BeautybyJodae.  She did a glittery Eye for y'all.  Go to her channel Subscribe and let her know I sent ya.  Check it out:

Have a Happy Joy, Love and be Empowered New YEAR Boo's!

Boys 2 Gents Radio Show

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Diamonds and Gents this was a great show as always.  The Gents talked relationships from a single, divorced and even separated perspective.  Listen at

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So do you think, Women fall in love faster then Men? Weigh in down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Hauliday featuring Nicki Minaj Collection & Kmart

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Mob Wives Storm Is Brewin' Season 5 Ep 3 ReCap

Mob Wives Trust No One Season 5 Ep2 ReCap

Eyebrow Tutorial (How to Fill in Eyebrows?)

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Diamonds HERE YOU GO! Beginner friendly tutorial on how I fill in my eyebrows daily.  This was a highly requested video so I did one for ya Diamonds.  Also, beauty tip your makeup looks pop better with your eyebrows being in order.  Check it out!

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Living It Up Today with Pre Dolla

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Diamonds and Gents check out today's Interview with Pre Dolla.  My man is starting a movement " Murder Beats Not People"  helping taking Chicago back! Check him out at! On social media Twitter: @PreDolla079 #follow tell him I sent ya!

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Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season finale ReCap

RIP to Todd Tucker mom

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Diamonds and Gents I regret to report this. But, Todd Tucker mother Ms. Sharon passed today. After being founded unconscious in New York by family friend. She was hospitalized for a strike. Todd received a call in Atlanta. He made it to New York to find his mother in a coma. She passed away today.

Prayers go out to Todd and his family during this time.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

CVS 50% TO 75% OFF Beauty Haul (Best Buy Deal)

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Diamonds and Gents check this video out. Gents Best Buy is having a Sale on SONY headphones.  Ladies CVS is having a great deal on beauty products.  Check out what I got:

What deals do you like to catch? Are you a couponer? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!