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WOW! Where do I start.  The new season start off with jealously, drama & violence(threat of ). oh yeah! Please tell me, why Mama Braxton was so mad at Tamar.  That's my girl(Tamar) by the way.  Love your marriage.  Back to the price of tea in China. Baby, Toni you are a hater boo-boo.  You know you didn't want to do the album in the beginning.  So to keep your mother from slabbing the piss out of you.  You throw Tamar under the bus. Go for your career Tamar I support. Traci baby I need you to do me a favor. I need you to just sing back round.  Stop pushing for something they don't want boo.  It's that simple.  Tamar will have a great career go ahead and sing with Ms. Tamar.  Trina I love you for opening your home up to family but, Chile I need you to get it together.  Your husband didn't say yay or nay.  You had no business doing that one.  Traci don't uproot your family.  That don't know what they are going to do from one min. to the next.  Vince I