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Beyonce Don't Want 2 meet baby bro, KMichelle Alledgely slaps sense into...

I'm team KMichelle all day everyday.  The realest woman in music period.  What yall think comment let me know After you watch this vid. Then go and Listen to my girl Much Love From KY On today's radio show.  You gotta love her darlings!!!

Lord Here Come the Drama Po' Mary J. Blige!

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Well, Diamonds and Gents Mary J. Blige is getting sued. For everything but her coo-coo.   That's right beautiful soulful singer Mary J. Blige is getting sued for half a million dollars.  On top of that has a $901,769.65 tax lien against her. H*ll you might as well just say a whole million dollars.  Honnee I can't.  Now, wait Mary you just was singing No More Drama how it happen Mary.  Anyhow, they are even checking into the singers handlings of foundation monies.  Allegedly to protect myself.  The foundation as been cheating the scholarship children out of there money honnee.  Now, wait Mary.  You and your husband Martian Issacs was hit with a 2.2 million dollar lawsuit in Nov. of 2012.  Wow! The bank ain't playing they are also, seeking to recoup $58,000 in interest on that loan.

OK people it's time to weigh in.  I want to know, Mary How did it happen honnee? I under…

Exchequer Restaurant &Pub REVIEW

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What's happening Diamonds and Gents? I wanted to tell my Chicago land residents and travelers about this great restaurant I tried out.  It was really good.  Anyway, I had Pizza, Caesar Salad and Buffalo wings.  Now, alot of you maybe like I can get that from anywhere.  But, we are talking about Downtown Chicago.  So it has the great restaurant and nice feel of a downtown restaurant.

The Pizza was so good.  Crust was cooked to perfection.  The Caesar dressing was house made but it was good as well.  The wings, man when I tell you the wings had no steroids.  They were the size of what wing should be on a chicken.  Now meal for two and drinks min. $15.00 a person.  Very inexpensive.  You can go to to check out there menu.

If I could rate this restaurant 1 to 5 gems I will rate it 3 1/2 for great atmosphere and service.  When you go tell them Ms. Tra sent…

BET Honors REVIEW 2013

Hey there Diamonds and Gents!Oh yes here I go with a Review.Check out the Slide show of the red carpet fashion and some of the performances I have provided via Gem Spot TV you have a YouTube account subscribe THX. Alright, now let’s get into it.They honored the lovely Chaka Khan, My fav B-ball player of all time Lisa Lesile, Music Pioneer Clarence Avant, The man that help to change my mindset Bishop T.D. Jakes and For her charitable contribution and service Halle Berry.I love Halle Berry award the most because so many people don’t want to give back.People give back please.Diamonds and Gents we need you to sow your time.

Ok the performances now they had E. Badu because honnee I don’t want to spell girlfriend name wrong. OKAY! She gave a tribute performance to Chaka Khan.My thought on that is that’s all you can find for Chaka.I’m sorry but, girl has loose screws and remind ME of one flying over the coo-coo nest.I am one that love big hair but when you…

Hair Review: R&B Collection Style: DJ 1B-33

Today's Radio Interview with Rodney Perry

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What's up Diamonds and Gents we had funny man Rodney Perry on the radio show today late but, on time.  You want to check out the hot topic me and Big Ant the #1 Gent was weighing in on.  Grown FOLKS PLEASE 18 AND OLDER.  Everythang ain't fo' chiren LOL.  Check it out:

Listen to internet">">internet radio with mstraXthatgem">mstraXthatgem> on Blog Talk Radio Take a look at his uptown clip Hilarious: Much Love Darlings!!!

The Juice on Ms. Tra` "That Gem"

The Ricki Lake Show: Has been CANCELLED!

What's going on Diamonds and Gents? Ricki Lake has been cancel.  She was told her show will not carry on in the 2013-2014 season.  This comes at no shock because most you ask if they are watching they didn't even know she was back on.  Well check out a popular episode with Love B Scott in it.

Well, don't feel sorry for the Talk show host she will go back to doing documentaries.  Well much success to you Ricki.  Diamonds and Gents don't forget to tune in to me co-hosting with Ms. Queen on her show Full Circle.  This Wednesday at 6pmcst  You don't want to miss it Much Love Darlings!!!

Radio Show Interview with Tiana Von Johnson

Team That Gem was on the Air with The Power House herself Ms. Tiana Von Johnson.  Soon to be Realtiy TV star on Style network Check out the Interview:

Ms. Tra` "That Gem" with Tiana Von Johnson 02/02 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

Then take a look at this clip from upcoming show:

To contact Tiana Von Johnson visit  She is on Twitter and facebook.

Diamonds and Gents Enjoy your week Love y'all Darlings!!!