Lord Here Come the Drama Po' Mary J. Blige!

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Well, Diamonds and Gents Mary J. Blige is getting sued. For everything but her coo-coo.   That's right beautiful soulful singer Mary J. Blige is getting sued for half a million dollars.  On top of that has a $901,769.65 tax lien against her. H*ll you might as well just say a whole million dollars.  Honnee I can't.  Now, wait Mary you just was singing No More Drama how it happen Mary.  Anyhow, they are even checking into the singers handlings of foundation monies.  Allegedly to protect myself.  The foundation as been cheating the scholarship children out of there money honnee.  Now, wait Mary.  You and your husband Martian Issacs was hit with a 2.2 million dollar lawsuit in Nov. of 2012.  Wow! The bank ain't playing they are also, seeking to recoup $58,000 in interest on that loan.

OK people it's time to weigh in.  I want to know, Mary How did it happen honnee? I understand things happen but to the sum of over $4 million dollars.  Now, you from the hood.  One thing the hood teaches you how to do is survive off a little something, something.  I think with this one our survival technique got a little off.   But, that's OK boo.  Ms. Tra` here with some tips:

Tip #1 Down size the crew.  You can always save money when you fire people.  Somebody leak this story to the press.  And we just can't have that kind of slip up.  Ya heard me. 

Tip  #2 You need to hide from some people.  That's OK one thing the hood teaches us to do.  Put it in our Momma name.  In some cases, chiren.  LOL

Tip #3 File legal separation.  And blame it all on Mr. Issacs then sue him for the 4 mill.  Then 6 months later remarry him and say Love came back.

Tip #4 Don't get nothing else with credit.  If ya can't pay cash for it then leave that mess at the store.

Love ya Mary thought I give you way to laugh at your situation.  Because, honnee we all have owe something or somebody.  Ya feel me Keep ya head up.  Look like we gonna get a good record out of this one.

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