Qaw’mane Wilson of Nick Story has finally been Sentenced 99 years in jail

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By: Ms. Trā “That Gem”

What’s going on Diamonds and my DiamondStatus Gents!?! Y’all some years back I reported on local actor and artist being arrested for death of his mother. His mother Ms. Yolanda Holmes local salon owner was killed by hired hands by her own son Qaw’mane Wilson aka Young QC. He allegedly hired one of his friends to kill his mother for Insurance policy & money in her bank accounts. And also, his girlfriend to do the ride along. Which he later flaunted around social media.

Check out when we first reported it for more details:

Eugene Spencer the murder got sentenced to 100 years in jail. They laid out evidence of how he empty bank accounts when she died. Also, how the mother always doted on son. Buying him jewelry, expensive gifts as well as mustang. But, when he called to see if the job was done. The attorney stated he said “Make sure the B**ch is dead “.

When sentencing was handed out he said to the judge “ I loved my mother more then anything she is all I had. “

Well, justice was served in the case. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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