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Make An Account

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? Today every church in Chicago attendance was up at and all time high.  Like Every Resurrection Sunday.  Not accounting for nothing but, a cute outfit, maybe
even candy.  One thing I thought about is being their is not about me.  It's about the account that I've made before.  And my God all I've done.  He saved me in spite of whom I slept with before marriage.  How I drank the best people under the table? Of whom I've lost, loved and even been.  I am so grateful.  The account that I make is I'm grateful only you can do it LORD! ONLY YOU!

So the account I make is to thank the true KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.  I am grateful.  Jesus I am.  God Bless you!

What account do you make?  Do you see those sins you've committed burned away?  Nail to that cross over 2,000 years ago.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Today's Radio Show with Wilisha Washington

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Yes Diamonds and Gents we had a great soulful singer on our show! Go check her out on and FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER @wilwash also on facebook .  Her voice is soulful and great I'm telling ya I feel like tony the tiger everytime I hear her music check out vid here: .

Don't forget to check out the show right here:

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Much Love Darlings!!!

Dear Judith maybe Harvey (Temptation Review)

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Dear Judith and Maybe even Harvey,

Well, I hope this letter reaches you in good health.  I sat yesterday and listen to your story.  As you told it and yes in the beginning I must say it was bored, but you were.  The problem was you were evolving and you just didn't realize it.  The communication you had with your spouse about this very thing was missing.  You wanted different, yeah you know sexual positions, clothes, hair and spontaneity. 

But, again this was never communicated.  In your relationship you had everything you needed.  He was willing to listen love you and fight for you.  All let's not forget fight with you.  Sometimes going from a slow life to the fast.  Can take you in a whirlwind you wouldn't believe.  But, good thing is
you have a praying mother. I hope you realize that now.

Now, Harvey you had a woman that loved you.  But, you allowed the lust of the flesh to o…

Long Hair Don't Care Hollywood Showing you Black girls Rock Long hair

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Well, Diamonds and Gents it looks like Black Hollywood is showing us what we already knew that black women can grow hair.  Not just hair but long hair.  Several ladies have allowed us to
see there real mane .  A lot of women wear weaves as protective styles. 

Check out Nicki Minaj, Toya Wright, Angela Simmons , Gabrielle Union, Kenya Moore and The Queen of Media Oprah Winfrey.  They are showing you they have long hair and oh yeah honnee they don't care.  So they protect it by wearing weave.  Now a lot of blogs had Taraji P. Hensen pic of her hair and she said on Wendy Williams that it wasn't hers.  Speaking of Wendy and Hair Kenya Moore had Wendy do the check so it's only right to use the photo from her show.  Courtesy of a Kenya Moore FAN  Thanks love. Honnee she truly is Gone With The Wind Fab.
Angela Simmons before BLOWN OR PRESSED!!!! :) GO GIRL!!!!

 (Gone With The Wind Fab …

Tyler Perry Google Hangout This Morning for Temptation

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Yes Diamonds and Gents Mr. Tyler Perry hung out with us on Google this morning.  He answered a few questions and even gave out some much needed advice.  On relationships, friendships and even life lessons.  Of course he talked about the Movie which shall be out tomorrow at your local theaters. 

But, go check it out.  He almost, gave away Judith may or may not get her man back. You
know after, girly cheats.  The character played by Mr. Robbie Jones is laying it on thick honnee.  He trying to get Ms. Judith. By the way played by Mrs. Jurnee Smolett-Bell.

All I have to say as a woman that has been cheated on.  I know that it can be worked out.  But, to gain trust it often takes a while.  Even when trust comes back you find that ugly demon coming back up in your spouse.  It has happened.  So any person going through in there marriage no matter what gets my heart.  Why? I've been t…

Angelina Jolie after all them Kids May Finally Be A Pitt

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What's going on Diamonds & Gents?  Yes Looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have been able to pull it off honnee.  Well, during her excursion in Africa they are speculating that they could've had a secret marriage.  The actress is an envoy for the United Nations.  Chile, my next question was about to be Lord let her not be getting another baby now see.  LMBO. 

Anyhow, she was spotted with a simple gold ring.  Where her big rock use to be.  I hope they have gotten married.  It's time for her to be Mrs. Pitt they have a whole football team together it's time for that marriage thang.  I am so happy for Mr. and Mrs Smith I mean Pitt.  They're doing the right thing.  I'm happy for any marriage.

How many of you all thought they were married?  Are you happy for the couple?  Let Team That Gem know.  Also, follow us today!  It's simple and FREE!

Much Lo…

Judge Joe Brown Saying Bye After 15 seasons WAIT... You still on TV??

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Well, Diamonds and Gents after 15 seasons Judge Joe Brown is saying bye.  I'm about to cry because, I didn't even know Judge Joe Brown still came on.  I would've DVR it.  Well according to the Judge "It was time to move out on my own since I had some ideas that I had been having to pull teeth with no novocaine to get adopted," Brown said.

Don't forget they were trying to play the judge by taking away some of his salary honnee.  Due to a dip in ratings.  Well, what you expect out sight out of mind.  Y'all don't advertise CBS how we going to know he still on.  I'm miss it.  Y'all need to release a DVD the best of Judge Joe Brown cases.  You know the classics.  Well, this is not it for the Judge I'm sure.  Now, Tyler I hope to see some Judge Joe Brown appearances because Madea can't stay out of jail.  That will be good one.

Are you going …

Hair Review: Isis Red Carpet Collection Style: BP07 Color: F1B/30

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What's going on Diamonds?  Yes it's protective style time.  For those that are not natural it means time to do some oil treatments and to keep from tugging and pulling on my hair.  I wear protective styles (wigs, ponytails and even sew ins.)  Let's just say weave honnee.  Well, I bought a new unit and oh yes I'm feeling it.  Check the video review right here:

I rate this unit a 4 gems out of 1 to 5 gems.  Ready to style don't need any product.  Don't look wiggy.  It's all good if you would like to purchase this unit go to .  Keep in mind I purchase this unit with my own money at a local beauty supply.  So I don't know if the unit is still available but if it is you may want to holla at this one ladies.  Tell them Ms. Tra` That Gem" sent ya.

Check out Saturday Radio show we will have soulful singe…

Beyonce To Star in New Movie

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What's going Diamonds and Gents? This is your Diamond sistah Ms. Tra` bringing you the latest on the beyhive.  Beyoncé is set to star in a upcoming film and oh Yes honnee.  It will be Epic! Speaking of Epic that is the name of the animation film.  Beyoncé is set to play Queen Tara in a big world while being small check out the trailer here:

So what do you all think? Are you going to see it?  Or did the Bow Down song damage her amongst the parents?

Check out Living It Up this Saturday we will have soul singer Wilisha Washington or @wilwash on at 1:30pm cst.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Gucci Mane Got a Warrant DAG dOG

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? Honnee Gucci Mane has a warrant issued for his arrest.  Apparently he didn't want to take a pic with a fan.  The fan just so happen to be a US Solider Lord.  Anyhow get full story here:

What y'all think? Did Gucci Mane go to far this time?

Follow the blog.  Check me out 2moro. On BlogTv at 9pmcst

Much Love Darlings!!!

Lil Wayne: I'm More than Good

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents?  Yes this IS That Gem here letting you know Lil Wayne is good.  Here is THE video link here thanking all for their prayers: .

All I have to say is I hope lesson has been learned. All yeah also, Please to the people around him support him in getting help.  This was a close call. 

So Diamonds and Gents Do you think this previous hospital visit was drug related?  Do you feel Lil Wayne will be wise enough to get help or do he need help?  Make sure to comment BELOW.....

Don't forget to catch tomorrow's radio show with Andrew Jones former contestant of American Idol.  We will talk how was it to meet Mariah Carey and all you don't want to MISS IT!!!

Much Love Darling MUAH!!!

Ms. Tra Liking Wet & Wild Check it out!

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Diamonds when I tell you we have to keep ourselves up on a LEVEL! Trust me we do!  I have to say since I've been doing daytime looks I get a lot compliments.  I also, have gotten more people checking out the videos and blog.  Why? You are your image.  Oh yes you are your brand.  You can't always be at your best.  But, most times Diamonds you should.  So check out these inexpensive lip colors here that are sure to turn heads for your daytime LOOK:

Diamonds and Gents thanks again for your continue support I appreciate darlings!!!  Don't forget to catch new vids on GEM SPOT TV EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday   Oh and yes let's not forget Living It Up with Ms. Tra` "That Gem" Every Saturday at 1:30pm cst.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Craftman's EXPO sponsored by Mother2Mother

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Diamonds and Gents I was out Saturday at Craftsman's Expo sponsored by Mother2Mother.  Basically, it was a charitable event.  These ladies have come up with a way, to give young ladies the option not to abort their babies.  This organization is geared toward young women that feel this is there only option.  Well, check out the interview on Gem Spot TV : .  Got a chance to interview one of the founders as they were packing up.

Go check out there facebook page .  Also, their documentary .  Aw yeah tell them Ms. Tra` "That Gem" sent ya.

Thanks so much for showing support to the blogs and videos I love you all so much.  Make sure to follow the blog and Check out Gem Spot TV and sub thx!

Much Love Darlings MUAH!!!

Dismissed Because I'm Black (Fashion Industry)

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Well, well What's happening Diamonds and Gents? Got talk to y'all about racism in 2013 with a black President.  Crazy huh? Well, I feel the same way.  So model Chanel Iman you may have seen her pics for Forever 21 has encountered racism.  After, the last fashion week with only 5 to 6% of black models in it.  Can you really not believe it?

Ok so Chanel Iman talks about one of many incidents that has happen I'm sure to many but she just was bold enough to speak on it.  Girlfriend went to I guest audition for the part just joking.  Well that's how they treated a sister cause honnee they told her.  We found one of your kind already.  We got a black one.  Baby in 2013 like we don't buy clothes.  Fashion Industry I'm need y'all to get it 2gether boo, boo. 

Because, she is high yellow.  H*ll, back in them slavery days she would be passing I'm just saying.  …

Lord Forgive Us for Stressing these Pastors

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Man what's going on Diamonds and Gents? This y'all sistah That Gem.  Well, I was reading a article By Rev Dr. Melinda Contreras-Byrd she was talking about the issues of Black and Latino Pastors.  All I have to say is the statistics were shocking.  Y'all we are killing the Pastors check out the article and let me know what you think?
Click link here:

Comment and let me know what you think.  Is time to show more support to these men and women or should we continue to be burdens?  Or they knew what they were getting themselves into I don't know you tell me? Down Below.....

Diamonds and Gents want to say Much Love to Ya Darlings MUAH!!!

Wait Now Beyonce...Honnee

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Diamonds and Gents Beyoncé has new song teaser and baby.  All I got to say is Bow Down.  Baby she just really getting you ready for this Mrs. Carter tour. Y'all better watch out.  Honnee she giving the haters and the dreamers the business.  All I have to say is Listen at your own will cause she is getting the girls right together in this one:

So what do you all think? Do you think B is going to far with this one? Or is she just stating the facts....  Be sure to comment.

This is ya Diamond sistah Ms. Tra` "ThatGem" Be sure to follow this blog and to Like the FB page by going to

Much Love Darlings!!!

Tyler Perry Temptation Movie Premiere Red Carpet ReCap

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? This is your Diamond sistah Ms. Tra` "That Gem" Reviewing the Red Carpet Fashions from Saturday Movie Premiere of Temptation which will be in theaters March 29, 2013.  You don't want to miss this! From the looks of things we are about to see a different kind of movie coming from the Tyler Perry camp.  Personally, I can't wait to see the Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.  Click this link to check out review: .

So Diamonds and Gents, Do you all feel Kim K.  is getting all the attention verses the cast as whole?  Let me know by Leaving a comment.  Much Love Darlings!!!

Flyer Courtesy of Fans of Kim K.

That Gem's Corner

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? I just came out of prayer and got an awesome revelation that I would love to share.  So I was thinking why is it so hard for some to embrace who I am and others like me.  Let me explain: Ok those that are not foolish or marvel in not knowing a thing.  Those that seek after knowledge and understanding and those that are wise.  You know the old saying goes" Wise beyond your years." 

But truly, I don't feel having wisdom or walking in wisdom comes from age.  You have some children that have more sense then some of the elders I run across.  Not to throw shade but it just is simple truth.  I was reading Proverbs 17 the other day and I ran across apart that said:
A truly wise person uses few words; a person of understanding is even tempered. Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with there mouths shut they seem intelligen…

Slim Calls Radio Station About Lil Wayne Progress

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Yes Diamonds and Gents you will be glad to hear Lil Wayne has family by his side.  Most important Ron "Slim" Williams (Co-Founder of Cash Money) called radio station to let it be known he is watching the game with Lil Wayne and all is well.  He is recovering!

Slim states: He is not sure where TMZ got there info.  But, he confirms that it is false.  Lil Wayne is drinking water out a straw and recovering well.  Looking forward to possible release later on TODAY!    Birdman tweets he is looking for his son to come home pretty soon.  So as more come available I will update you.

This is Ms. Tra` "That Gem"  Diamonds and Gents updating you on Lil Wayne.  Our prayers are with you. 

Much Love Darlings!!!

Today Radio Show with MaCray of Chicagolicious

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Today's show we had MaCray of Chicagolicious.  Diamonds and Gents he was just has humbled and down to earth as he is on the show.  You missed it catch it on Demand by clicking this link:

Listen to my new episode Ms. Tra` "That Gem with MaCray (Chicagolicious) at #TEAMTHATGEM

Make sure to share this episode.   Also, let's get him back on another season.  By Tweeting Style Network letting them know we want to see them BACK!

Diamonds and Gents Much Love my Darlings!!!

Lil Wayne has tweeted !!!

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Diamonds and Gents Lil Wayne has tweeted : I'm good everybody.  Thx for the prayers and love.  So that's that.  He is in the hospital recovering from seizure.  TMZ either messed up or somebody in Weezy camp lying.

Do you think he tweeted or somebody else?

TMZ Reports at 6:36pt- - Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU ... but stabilizing. We're told the prognosis is uncertain. Wayne is sleeping right now ... which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he's OK and thanking people for the prayers and love
Catch the radio show with MaCray of Chicagolicious Tomorrow on Living It Up.  Don't want to miss it.

Lil Wayne has been Hospitalized

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Well, Diamonds and Gents it's time to pray.  Lil Wayne has been hospitalized due to seizures.  TMZ reported that rapper was Rushed on Tuesday to the hospital and later released on Wednesday.  But, just hours later he was found unconscious.  He was then rushed to Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA. Reports say Lil Wayne was then strapped down to the bed because uncontrolled movement due to seizure. 

There saying Wayne is unstable and considered to be in critical condition.  He has been put in a coma and put on breathing tube.  Let's pray for him and even pray that whatever cause is located and treated. 

Our prayers are with you.  Much Love Darlings!!!

Tamar and Vince are Preggers!!! (GO GIRL)

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Yes Diamonds and Gents it's official.  Tamar and Vince are pregnant I am so happy for them.  They are doing big things together as a couple.  She is gorgeous to and very classy.  Love it!  The Braxton Family Values  and Tamar and Vince star announce it on her Instagram.  By posting this pic here:
I have to say it shall be Epic.  Speaking of Epic that is the label she is signed to go head @TamarBraxtonHer.  What do you all think the couple will name there baby?

Nicki Minaj Taken Serious Yeah RIGHT :/

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Well, What's going on Diamonds and Gents? Yes Ms. Nicki Minaj is in the head lines.  Yes for her looks.  Girlfriend has lost her 3 year hairstylist Mr. Terrence Davidson.  He released a report saying him and Nicki are now having creative differences.  He wants to explore other career options.  He thanks the fans.  YADA, YADA, YADA GET YA ADVERBS HERE. 

A lot, of blogs are saying she fired both him and her stylist in the hopes being taking serious.  Well people we have to keep in mind Nicki is a 30 year old woman.  That was dressing like a Power Ranger.  And her hair look like she had now and laters inspired hair do's.  Can ya blame her? Just Saying.  She want to wear grown woman hair.  Solid color or ombre.  Just a thought.  What do you think? Do you like Nicki's new approach or do you think she need to be Power Ranger Barbie? COMMENT.

Funky Dineva my hat is layed like.......

"TMZ reports:Sheree Whitfield was granted THREE temporary restraining orders in Georgia on Feb. 22 and Feb. 26 against Tamara Brawner, Quentin Latham and Michelle Brown."    
What yall think? Is it his right or was it going to far? Is Sheree just doing this to be relevant or what? Follow me on TWITTER
Funky Dineva vid of Chateu Sheree:

Diamonds and Gents don't forget to chck out Saturday radio show  Much Love Darlings!!!

Oprah Interviews The Wayans ReCap

Check out this Review on the Interview with The Wayans Family.  This was a great interview.  Check your local OWN listings for re-run.  Diamonds and Gents Much Love to you.  Don't forget to check out Saturday Radio show with Singer Wilisha Washington.  On at 1:30pm cst.  To talk to myself on the show call in at 424 675 8225.

Today's Radio Show with Special Guest Publicist PRGIRLANGEL

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Today was a great show.  We had @PRGIRLANGEL help us weigh in on this AP.9 and CoCo affair and madness.  You don't want to miss it good one you can also go to her blog at  She is making big moves.  Ladies that need good hair and quality check out The Queen's Hair on TWITTER.  Tell her Ms. Tra` "That Gem" sent ya.

Living It Up With Ms. Tra` "That Gem" 03/02 by mstraXthatgem | Blog Talk Radio

I'm looking to hear from you.  Do you buy her story about this guy being a cray,cray fan? Or do you think she really was having an affair according to AP.9?
Diamonds and Gents go to the youtube channel check out some of the new vids you have youtube sub thx.  Much Love Darlings!!!