Craftman's EXPO sponsored by Mother2Mother

"Catch the Radio Show Saturday on @1:30pmct"

Diamonds and Gents I was out Saturday at Craftsman's Expo sponsored by Mother2Mother.  Basically, it was a charitable event.  These ladies have come up with a way, to give young ladies the option not to abort their babies.  This organization is geared toward young women that feel this is there only option.  Well, check out the interview on Gem Spot TV : .  Got a chance to interview one of the founders as they were packing up.

Go check out there facebook page .  Also, their documentary .  Aw yeah tell them Ms. Tra` "That Gem" sent ya.

Thanks so much for showing support to the blogs and videos I love you all so much.  Make sure to follow the blog and Check out Gem Spot TV and sub thx!

Much Love Darlings MUAH!!!


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