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The Gem Spot Podcast Ep 8

 “Get your Living The Diamond Life book today hit the shop TAB!” What’s happening #DiamondSquad !?! Check out the podcast here: Watch here: 

Will Smith Don’t Play About Jada!

 “Get your Young King or Young Queen sweatshirts today hit the Shop Tab!” What’s going on #DiamondSquad!?! Chileeeeee did we really see this? Like did Will Smith slap a h*e last night. So apparently Chris Rock told a bald G.I. Jane joke, and Will Smith didn’t find sh*t funny. He walked up on that stage bay-Baby and slap the taste out of Chris Rock mouth.  Like then Will went back to his seat and told Chris Rock keep my wife name out yo’ damn mouth. Because of this the Oscar’s May want there award back.  Guess what I don’t think Will give a damn! So sound off Let’s talk about it!?! Do you think Will went to far? And do you think he should lose his Academy award?  Here’s the epic moment: “Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!”