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Can't Get Protesters Back Out #J4K #JusticeforKenneka

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Diamonds wow I'm really at a lost for words. So the gentleman who has been staying faithful since mom called the protest back on, needs help. So apparently, people have given up on the protest since mom called it back on. He went out there and much to his surprise it was less then 10 people there.  And according to some law, If it is less then 10 people it is considered trespassing. Chile really⁉️❗️

Y'all get details here:

What can we do to help? Yes even me Andre Williams!?!

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

It's Family Affair: Kylie Jenner & Rob Kardashian Suing Blac Chyna

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Diamonds check it out! Rob Kardashian is mad at Blac Chyna. Ok so here's the Tee chile. So apparently last year in December. Blac Chyna was alleged to be drunk and drugged up. So much so she took a iPhone charger cord and allegedly tried to strangle Mr. Rob.

Chile get a load of this he also, claimed Blac Chyna was playing with his loaded gun.  While he was on FaceTime with his friends.

Get more details here:

What y'all think is he just a lover scorned? Comment below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Tamar Braxton Husband & Business Manager Have To Pay Sony over 3 Million Dollars

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Diamonds it's getting real out in these music industry streets. So Vince Herbert, Tamar's husband and business partner has been order to pay Sony 3.7 million dollars. Now, after ignoring the case Sony brought up against him.

Apparently, Vince got a advance from them in 2015, to look for new talent.  He ignored the suit so long that the last court appearance he didn't show. So the judge hit him with the pay them with interest. What y'all think? Especially on the break of Tamar saying she was retiring from music.

Check out my concert experience here:

Do you think she will retire now? That's big hit to their bank account.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Fox Star TV Show Season Premiere RECAP

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Diamonds the season premiere of Star left you with your mouth wide open. Check out commentary dosing/

If you would like to see Empire commentary go head and leave an 🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

R.I.P. Hugh Hefner Founder of Playboy

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Well, Diamonds and Gents this one here is hard for us to talk about.  Well, Mr. Hugh Hefner has
passed away at 91 years old of natural causes.  He had a long full life. He was founder of the Playboy magazine, civil rights activist, founder and chief of Playboy Enterprises and so much more.  The Chicago Native passed with a net worth of $43 million dollars.

He will be missed by his wife 60 years his junior and 4 children.  Of course and host of fans.  What do you feel he influenced in your life? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Protest is BACK ON! #J4K #JusticeforKenneka

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Well Diamonds 💎 the protest is back on! They were out there last night and have every intentions on being out there again today! Mother announced it on her Facebook page. Also, here's live footage of it

See her post here:

Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!

Wendy Williams Husband Caught in a Allege 10 year Affair

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Diamonds is this Kevin's mess up week. So y'all probably have heard that Wendy Williams-Hunter husband as been caught in an Alleged 10 year affair. Well, my question is will she do her own gossip, being she does celebrity gossip. Now that she is the topic, will she talk about it? Comment below let us know.

Get full details here:

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Cardi B Is No. 1 On The Charts

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What's happening Diamonds 💎? Oh yes our girl Cardi B has dethroned Taylor Swift from the no. 1 spot. Y'all not ready yet!?! But, you better get ready. #bardigang Got her there. Y'all check out her announcement below.

Link here:

Video credit: TMZ

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Protest Has Been Called Off #J4K #JusticeforKenneka

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Well, Diamonds some accusations have been getting thrown out. From one man alleging on his live An activist was a thief and pedophile. Even wanting to fight the man. To the family now accusing this man of stealing funds. This has gotten way out of hand. This has been really distasteful to say the least.

First, I go on record Ms. Trā "That Gem" saying I don't believe any of these accusations. From the beginning of the protest I said, if it is justice to be had I commend those who are there to get it. However, if she the mother and her lawyers can work to obtain the real tapes. And whatever, the outcome is. Please be at peace with that. I will link that video below.

So with great regret and hurt, the Activist that have been heavily involved with this case. They've gracefully  bowed out. They've been accused of stealing money. By the way I don't believe that. They have been bailing people out of jail feeding peo…

That Gem Corner: Why My Lady Va-jay jay Smell Like That?

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? This is my advice column taking you out your corner to bring you into my corner.  Here is the original email and my video response.

Hey That Gem,

Well, I ran across some of your videos.  You mad funny.  Anyway, you were giving advice on one of them.  It peaked my interest.  I been having this problem with my girl.  But, I don't should I talk to my girl about it or not.  Or peep with she ow key cuss me out and I won't get none anymore.

ok so let me stop beating around the bush.  My girl p*ssy got this odor to it.  It's not disgusting or nothing.  But, I just don't like the sh*t.  Real talk.  I don't want to say anything.  cause I really don't know how to say it without t sounding like that.  I'm in college and doing well for myself.  I don't have time to catch nothing so could it be that.  like for real I need help.  so help me out.


Makeup Tutorial inspired by Jessica Dime

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Kevin Hart Said No to Extortion

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Diamonds check out this video below.  All other links to the protest under this one:

See Live video here of protest:

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Jerhonda Pace R Kelly Allege Sex Slave Escapes #TheReal

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Diamonds what's happening and what's going on? Chile, y'all my mouth is still open wide from watching the highlights of this here interview.  So apparently, R. Kelly is running an allege cult sex house.  Now, months ago speculations of R. Kelly running a sex slave house came out.  When, a 20 something year olds woman, parents spoke out against their child being held against her will.  Most of us including me wasn't at all surprised and even laughed it off.

But, after hearing and seeing this allege victim talk about this encounter. It left me everything but, laughing and it actually shook me up.  Well, Jerhonda Pace allege that Mr. Robert Kelly took her virginity at the tender age of 16.  Not, just that but, he also, introduced her to the women that would later teach her, how to please him.  She said, the encounter happen on his tour bus.  The young lady allege he invited her on to his tour b…

The Activist LIED! #KeenkaJenkins

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What's going on Diamonds? I have seen where they're was some type of community activist.  Alleging, that he seen a video of the young lady walking into the freezer.  Now, according to the video that was released she did not walk in to the freezer.  She was seen stumbling in the hall way and kitchen area.  But, not climbing into the freezer.  She does look intoxicated, not sober at all.

Some are speculating she could have been drugged.  But, no report has been released saying the 19 year old young lady was drugged.  The family and the mother's lawyers are currently looking for a investigation.

Let's pray some peace comes to the family.

To see the full report go to:

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

.CUM By: Catrina Brown Book Review

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What's going on Diamonds? When I tell you this book is good.  I'm telling you it's good.  This is a modern twist on truth mixed with erotic encounters.  Oh yeah, you heard me right.  People like Zane did more or less fictional stories. This here is all truth.  Oh yeah taking you into the modern world of online dating.  Or should I say online hook up.  By the way done on her terms.

Here you have a gorgeous 40 something woman looking for a new way of dating.  Especially after being married several times, losing a child and so much more.  Granted it I know, the old fashion way could work.  But, listen when it come to this online movement of technology and apps.  You are bound to try out a new way.  Well, Ms. Trixie does just that.  From meeting, ex-cons to meeting pastors.  Oh yeah you heard me right pastors too.  All wanting to hook up.

Now, her knowing she wants more out of the dating scene even got…

Are We Expendable? #KeenkaJenkins

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What's going on Diamonds and Gents? I mean in my Marvin Gaye voice "what's going on?"  We have been trying to get the media to care for us.  From campaigns like finding our daughters.  To the black and brown women and young girls coming up missing.  Really coming up missing with little to no media coverage.  It is getting so ridiculous to the point this new case of the young lady walking in to a hotel and leaving in a body bag.  No one caring until she was found in a freezer in Rosemont, IL.  In my own city.

Ms. Keenka Jenkins a young lady goes out with friends only to be found in a freezer.  Now, the hotel won't release footage to the family, and so far we are as the public begging for justice.  We have gotten to the point of seeing this harsh reality. And really having to cope with it, as if this is normalcy. Leaving us to wonder do we really matter.  I am furious and outraged at ho…

Hot Dog Fest & Sky Basketball 🏀 Game!

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