Protest Has Been Called Off #J4K #JusticeforKenneka

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Well, Diamonds some accusations have been getting thrown out. From one man alleging on his live An activist was a thief and pedophile. Even wanting to fight the man. To the family now accusing this man of stealing funds. This has gotten way out of hand. This has been really distasteful to say the least.

First, I go on record Ms. Trā "That Gem" saying I don't believe any of these accusations. From the beginning of the protest I said, if it is justice to be had I commend those who are there to get it. However, if she the mother and her lawyers can work to obtain the real tapes. And whatever, the outcome is. Please be at peace with that. I will link that video below.

So with great regret and hurt, the Activist that have been heavily involved with this case. They've gracefully  bowed out. They've been accused of stealing money. By the way I don't believe that. They have been bailing people out of jail feeding people and providing transportation since the beginning. Anyway here is the live to there plight:

I feel their pain, it's very sad that mom decided to shut the protest down off these accusations. I just pray that everyone involved gets the peace, they so richly need and deserve.

Link to the video:

So let's be clear I said the man was alleging that not me.  You can even see one of the men outside in this live here:
Telling him to stop that man who had the wrong motives. Still talking bad in the background about the Activist. So like I said in my video. That Brother(Mr. Accusations) you out there for the wrong reasons. It's about y'all getting justice. Leave that Activist alone. 

You can even see they begin to pray to bring the protest back on task. So even through that, these people were still out there fighting for J4K. So I feel like a meeting has to be set up. To much time and money was lost for it to end with the people hurt.  Sorry to the protesters that it ended this way. But, don't loss sight of what y'all did accomplish. Keep fighting for justice. Be at peace. 

Have Joy, Love and be Empowered!


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