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A Diamond In a Ruff Special

"Check out annual count down tomorrow on GEMSpotTV for top 10 moments of 2013!" Diamonds and Gents here is a special just for you.  Behind the scene footage, bloopers, outtakes and rehearsals. Check out the video: Don't forget to enter the giveaway . Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Chrissy Lampkin Arrested after bar brawl

"Check out top 10 count down Tomorrow on GEMSpotTV click the tab above!" Diamonds and Gents Chrissy was doing so good.  Now Chrissy really?  Ok so Chrissy got arrested Sunday after another woman sitting on the same sofa in the bar and then accidentally bumping into someone.  You read it right beat the breaks off that woman.  Chile beat her so bad had to send her to the hospital to get stiches over her eye.  Witnesses say the girl(42 yr. old stylist) was a bloody mess. Well anyway she was charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  One thing you gotta know Jim Jones was to the rescue to get his boo out. What you think comment down below? Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Robin Roberts GAY?

"Check out special from A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series Tonight behind the scenes and bloopers!" Diamonds and Gents I hope you all are having a lovely holiday!  Well Breaking News there are reports brewing that Robin Roberts thanked her girlfriend Amber of 10 years for being by her side through her illness. Now wait now.  She said everyone around her knew professionally(co-workers) and publicly(family and friends).  She never lived her life in the shadows.  So explain why no one didn't know publicly yet.  So anyway, she said she had to finally acknowledge her publicly for being there for her.  "She was there in 2007 through my illness and also in 2012.  She seen good bad and ugly and was right there."  I must say this one shock me. What you think shocked or you knew? Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Young QC Lived Life Of Luxury After Killing Mother For Insurance Money

"Don't forget to enter A Diamond In a Ruff giveaway watch webisode 9 for the details!" Diamonds and Gents all types of footage is suffering.  Qawmane spending all his mother money.  Check out video: Wow got to be more careful.  Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Enter my Giveaway and I'm on Ustream TONIGHT!

"I will be on UStream TONIGHT at 8pm Check out the video down below for more info!" Diamonds and Gents click it: Ustream link: Click Web Series link and watch episode 9 for details on Giveaway! Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

In Local News Chicago Star Qawmane Wilson of Nick Story Kills Momma 4 Money

"I have to cancel today's Christmas Special Radio show but I wil do a Ustream Friday night. So spend Friday night chopping it up with yours truly for 30 mins." Diamonds and Gents wow.  Ok so Qawmane Wilson who played in Donte Fain Nick's Story TV Show  was arrested Monday for the allegation of murder of his late  mother.  Also arrested with Qawmane was Eugene Spencer , 22 and   Loriana Johnson, 23.  These three were involve in the killing of Qawmane's mother.  Sept. 2nd Ms. Holmes was murder during an home invasion.  She was shot and stabbed several times. Qawmane 24, was charged with first degree murder and home invasion.  He cleared her bank account out in the sum total of $90,000 also for her two insurance policies which he was named to be the sole beneficiary. Now, Qawmane was spotted around Chicago giving away money by the loads a few months ago.  Now we know that was dirty mone

Today's Christmas Special is CANCELLED! Join me on Ustream Friday

"I have to cancel today's Christmas Special Radio show but I will do a Ustream Friday night. So spend Friday night chopping it up with yours truly for 30 mins. " Diamonds and Gents I AM SO APOLOGETIC!  For reasons out of my control I can't sign into my radio account I've tried everything.  But, I know I've always for the last 3years done one so what I'll do is a live stream Friday.  I'll also have a guest helping me answer your questions.  Email me at Title it That Gem's Corner so we know it's the advice questions.  I'll be up at 8pm central time. Again Diamonds and Gents my apologies.  This Friday at 8pm ct Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Wendy Spreads Holiday Cheer at the P.A.L.

"Don't Forget tomorrow Christmas Special with yours truly or call in 424 675-8225!" Diamonds and Gents what are you doing to give back.  Well, whatever it is all I have to say is I am so happy you are.  Tomorrow I would love for you to call in and talk to me about it. Check out what Ms. Wendy is doing: I am super excited to be back on the radio tomorrow.  Make sure to listen in. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

A Diamond In a Ruff S1 ep9 GIVEAWAY(OPEN)

"Catch Christmas Special on Christmas Day on Living It Up !" Diamonds and Gents Enter to win!  Enter the Who Is Kendra Man? GIVEAWAY you must be an U.S. Resident.  You must be a subscriber of GEMSpotTV.  You must also, share this video on your FB or Twitter tag TWITTER: @MsTraThatgem or FB: Ms. Tra "That Gem" ENT. Must important comment down below(on youtube) so your name can be entered Coconut or Tony. Enter for your chance to win an AMC Gift Card to see the movie of your choice. Giveaway will be over at 11:59ct 1/4/2014You must email me when the winner is announced on 1/6/2014 on the next episode. within 24hrs. Check out the webisode RIGHT HERE: Who is Kendra Man? GIVEAWAY Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

@KMichelle - Christmas Night (Official Video)

"Don't miss the Christmas Special this year on!" Diamonds and Gents oh yes K. Michelle has done it again.  She gave us hit for Christmas.  Check out the Official Video here: Go K. Michelle true artist. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

My Duck Dynasty Respnse and #MobWives Review 403

"Check out A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series right here click the TAB at the top of this page!" Diamonds and Gents I responded.  Let me know yours I will post your video on here.  Mob Wives Review starts 8:40. Check it out here: What are your views?  Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Justin Bieber Leaves the press P.O.

"Don't forget t catch my Christmas Special on !" Diamonds and Gents see this type of stuff happen when you don't have any home training.  So Justin Bieber shows up to the red carpet for his movie premiere 2 hours late.  Baby and the press was mad about it. Then he stops and talks to no one not the press no one!  The kicker to it all is Usher his mentor, stopped and talked to the press even his grandparents talk to the press. E News was even talking about how upset everyone was and how important the red carpet is to the movie.  Well, I hope it was worth it.  On top of that the fans broke through an barricade and his bodyguard was about to them paws on the paparazzi.  Well with these antics how do you feel about Mr. JB?  Comment down below. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Khloe Gets her Payout from the Divorce

"Don't forget to catch the Christmas Special on!" Diamonds and Gents oh yes you read it right.  Well it's no secret unless you've been under a rock.  Lamar and Khloe are getting a divorce, because my girl as been there for Lamar and through high episode my boy did a video.  Oh yeah confessing LOL.  Where they do that at right? So Khloe will get an amount up to $7 million dollar pay out.  Now, I know you may be like he is worth 116 million.  But, he had an ironclad prenup no way around it.  So let me break it down Khloe gets to keep there $4 million dollar mansion, for every year they stayed together she got $500,000 ok so they stayed together four years, that amounts up to $2 million.  Then, she gets to keep her million dollar engagement ring. Well, Ms. Khloe said she will give anything to get her broken-heart mended she doesn't care about the dollars. Well, what you think about this?  Comment down below.

LamarOdom not the crack, #RHOA Porsche 2get fired, #MobWives S4 ep2 RECA...

"Mark your calendar for the Christmas Special on!" Diamonds and Gents check out the lastest in celeb news with yours truly! Check it out right here: Comment down below with what you think about these topics. Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!

Terrence Howard Missed Court Date & was Evicted

"Check out GEMSpotTv  5pct for a celeb dish and Mob Wives ReCap Click the Tab above!" Diamonds and Gents The Best Man Holiday star got evicted from his Broadway apartment in May.  Apparently, because he was behind on his rent in the sum of $51,907.85.  The Landlord filed a case against Mr. Howard and the court date was a few days ago.  Oh yeah and why my man didn't show up.  So the judge founded in favor of the landlord.  But, wait the judge won't take the amount the landlord is claiming into play.  So the judge file a continuum in hopes of Mr. Howard showing up to defend himself. Now, listen up Terrence you get your tail to that court room and handle your business, because that's a lot of money.  Just Saying. If you haven't went and seen Best Man Holiday go see it.  It was good! Have Joy, Love and Be Empowered!

Has Kenya Moore Found Love? (On Wendy Show)

"Check out  A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series right here click the tab!" Diamonds and Gents check out the Interview with Kenya Moore. What y'all think about the Nene and Kenya beef?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

A Diamond In a Ruff Web Series S1 Ep8

"Check out old webisodes right here go to the tab on the top right side of the page!" Diamonds and Gents check out the new webisode.  Aashekashay is back and they are about to give her the tee. Check it out here: Much Love Darlings!!!

"Anchorman" Star Meagan Good! On Wendy Show

"Don't forget to watch my show A Diamond In a Ruff  at 10pm ct Right here Click Web Series TAB!" Diamonds and Gents the beautiful 1st lady Megan Good was on Wendy Williams Today.  She will be in the new movie Anchorman 2.  Wait I didn't know she was a 1st lady of a church go head Ms. Good.  Check out the Interview here: Are you going to see Anchorman 2?  Let me know down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Get 40% off with yours truly

"Catch A Diamond In a Ruff Web Series this Monday at 10pm ct become a sponsor contact Shantee Triplet at!" Diamonds and Gents oh yes Gents you too.  I know some of you haven't even started your Christmas shopping or even finished.  Well don't trip I got a deal you will love oh yes I have jewelry for males as well.  Or Gents you can get something for your lady.  I'm feeling so good you can get 40% off Today and I guess the week,  By USING Coupon code: OFFSITEWIDE . When you buy your piece I'll donate 10% of that to .  I am in such a giving mood if you use this coupon code: XN5S7CLXV6   you will get $20 off your purchase of $100.00.  Go now and start shopping .  When you get your pieces post a pic and tag me in it.  If you want it to be featured on the blog send it to . Have a Merry Christmas Darlings!!!

Beyoncé yells Surprise to The Fans

"Mark your calendar for Christmas Special send a shout out and hear a few songs on my radio show Living It Up on !" Diamonds and Gents Bey is at it again.  Fans are running wild trying to find a way to get her new CD.  She has not promoted the new album no one let it leak out.  She even has some videos for the tracks according to some sources. Check out Beyoncé album Preview: What you think of the visual album?  Let me know down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Toya got Arrested in Traffic stop (Memphitz wife & Lil Wayne baby Mama)

"Mark Your Calendar 4 the Christmas Special on Living It Up !" Diamonds and Gents Toya Wright got arrested at a traffic stop.  Apparently Ms. Toya missed her court appearance so a warrant was issued out for her arrested.  She was taking to a near by station where her mug shot was taking. Needless to say she was arrested for a speeding ticket that slipped through the cracks.  Toya said this was the worst experiences of her life.  She was traumatized by the treatment of the other prisoners.  She said it was inhumane.  The Tiny & Toya star said she may become an advocate for better treatment of inmates. She was release Wednesday morning on a $290 bond.  All yeah as for the ticket girly said she is and will be working on the lead foot. What you think about the former reality tv star? Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Lamar Cheats N Raps about it --Khloe Wedding ring comes OFF

"Check out GEMSpotTV there are several videos up.  MOB Wives New Blood REVIEW!" Good morning Diamonds and Gents!  Chile, Lamar Odom has lost all his mind.  So him and his shirtless friend are doing a video.  Now, in said video Lamar is rapping about cheating on his loyal wife Khloe Kardashian.  Now Ms. Khloe has stuck by this fool side through all his drug abuse and everything.  Any who, he talking about how he still can make money without the NBA and all.  So TMZ spotted Khloe with her wedding ring boarding a plane on her way back home.  Then, I guess she learned about the video because a couple of days later you did not see that ring anymore.  Chile to much. Khloe said this is the final straw no you not gonna be a drug addict and you cheating.  I'm a Kardashian get yo' life! You would like to see the video here's the link: What you think should she divorc

Random:Thx4Praying4mom, #LHHNY s4 ep7 RECAP, Weight loss update

"Mark your calendar for the Christmas Special on Christmas Day on Living It Up !" Diamonds and Gents check it out and my weight loss secrets. What are you doing to live a healthy life?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Beauty Supply Store Finds and What's on my nails?

"LHHNY Recap and Weight Loss Journey random coming 2nite on GEMSpotTV at 10:15pct" Diamonds and Gents you know I always have to bring you some gr8 inexpensive finds.  I have here for you some Beauty supply store finds.  For a $1 and in fashion.  Check out also, my nails.  WATCH NOW! What finds have you found in your local Beauty Supply Store?  Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!


"Mark your Christmas Calendar to Listen in on my show as we play Christmas songs and you can even call in give your family a shout out.  Listen to Living It Up on /MsTra Thatgem  !" Diamonds and Gents that live in Chicago and you use public transportation to commute back and forth to work it's time to start complain.  Why That Gem?  Well, those that use the public transportation here in Chicago know that before they start this insinuative to have ex-cons cleaning the L during the day (By the way that cost them only 2.9 million a year.).  The L smelled like urine and there were snot tissue everywhere and it was just simply bad.  Now I must say the Greenline which I think was the worst of them all is clean now. We have to deal with this so called fast system called Ventra.  Now we have to deal with stank to.  No, no CTA!  You all need to figure out a way to come up with a way to keep the daily clean up going.  That over night stuff will

A Diamond In a Ruff Web Series S1 Ep7

"Mark yo' calendar Christmas Special on Living It Up" Diamonds and Gents check out Episode 7: We are still looking for Diamond email Today .  Much Love Darlings!!!

Nicki Minaj gets a BOOB Cake 4 bday

"Watch A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series Tonight at 10pmct right here or GEMSpotTV!" Diamonds and Gents Good Morning!  I am living life like it's golden and Nicki is living it Boob style.  That's right she celebrated her 31st bday at Philippe (which is partially owned by her manager).  They were spotted bringing in what look like a set of boobs (cake) the bottom said for Nicki. Well, Ms. Lady pulled up in a pink lambo.  Ready to go in to party.  She received a stripper pole for her bday then tweeted: "That awkward moment when u get a stripper pole for your birthday", along with a picture of a pole, complete with transparent platform and pretty pink gift bows. What you think boob cake for her party and stripper pole? Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Pastor D of "The Sisterhood" faces forgery charges

"A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series is getting GOOD, if you would like to play catch up do it here!" Well, well Diamonds and Gents I told y'all Pastor D still had some hood in her.  Got get that out cha boo.  Any who, so Pastor D came up with a false tutoring company and baby she sent paper work to the Department of Education trying to get a grant for business or organization that only exist on paper.  All I have to say is wow to that. She was arrested and she faces charges of forgery in the first degree and 3 counts for giving false statements in order to qualify for federal grant money.  If convicted she could receive 25 years in prison and over $400,000 dollars in fines.  No TLC I know you kicking yourself for cancelling "The Sisterhood".  That was juice baby you could've followed. Check out my video from reviewing the short lived show:   For more info. on this story go to:

That Gem's Corner (Should I Propose to Him?)

"Don't forget to Catch A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series Monday at 10pmct right here click the tab!" What's Happening Ms. Tra? I just want to tell how much I love you and your grind.  Oh yeah how is your mother?  I was praying for her.  But, anyway I have been with Let's just call him Jimmy for 6 1/2 years.  He has not shown any signs of proposing and he ask me to move in with him though.  I am really not feeling moving in with a dude I'm not married too.  My told me not to.  But, I'm scared if I don't he will not want to stay with me.  So I'm thinking to fix all that I should propose to him.  All my friends like you dummy a woman should never propose to a man.  But, I really just would like a unbiased opinion someone that don't really know us to weigh in.  So what you think mama to propose or not is the question? LOL Dear To Propose or not, Hey my Diamond sistah!  Thanks so much for your prayers for my mom.  Please keep praying for h

Former South African President Nelson Mandela R.I.P.

"Don't forget to mark your calendars for Christmas Special  !" Diamonds and Gents Oh wow it's true Former South African President Nelson Mandela dies at 95.  Mr. Mandela was in prison for 27 years for opposing apartheid.  He emerged from jail became his country first black president in 1994.  He served as President until 1999. I actually remember when he won Presidency how much the people in America celebrated. I didn't understand why we were celebrating, until my mom explained it to me. Then I understood and even was super surprised of the struggle. I remember thinking wow he rose to the top and became President. He truly embodies a life of struggle and triumph can be accomplished if you don't give up or in.  There is a movie coming about his life with Idris Elba playing him.  Go check it! Do you remember when Nelson Mandela became president? What empowers you about Mr. Nelson Mandela?  Leave your comment

NEW MUSIC Lil Kim. - I Am Kimmy Blanco.

"Catch A Diamond In a Ruff Web Series Every Monday at 10pm ct click top right hand tab!" Diamonds and Gents I got sent new music by The Queen B.  Baby all I got to say is Ms. Girl is Kimmy Blanco listen up.  The language is explicit so listenng discretion is advised. Take a Listen to it: I think when it come to rappers Lil Kim is one of the greats.  Let me know what you think down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

The Color Workshop Make-up (REVIEW)

" Check out the Christmas Special on Living It Up  !" Diamonds I have got a hold to some good quality for an affordable price.  I got a gift of the Color Workshop it comes in a clear bag with all kind of duo shades (Eye shadow), Lippies (Lip sticks), Nail polish and eye liners.  With this beauty bag you can create daytime looks or you can create a night look.  Either way you will enjoy it.  So far I've used the lippes and one of the duos and I must say I am impressed.  If I could give this product gems from 1 to 5, I'll give it a 4,  If you would like to purchase color workshop Walmart carries it. Check out the haul to see the bag and products:   If you have any questions about the product leave them don below.   Much Love Darlings!!!  

Love and Hip Hop NY S4 Ep6 RECAP

" Mini Make-up Haul will be coming tonight at 7:30pm ct on GEMSpotTV click the tab!" Diamonds and Gents check out my REVIEW: What ya think? Comment down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

Drake Gets A Deal with Air Jordan

" Love & Hip Hop Review will be up at 5pct on GEMSpotTV & Mini Makeup Haul!" Diamonds and Gents what's going?  Y'all see your boy Drake got a deal with Nike and Michael Jordan and my man on Fire about it!  Drake made the announcement last night while in Portland he states "I've officially got inducted into Team Jordan Family."  Congratulations on your new deal.  It sounds like you are very happy about it. What you think?  Let me know down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

K. Michelle won Best New Artist (Soul Train Awards)

"Don't forget Christmas Special on http:/!" Diamonds and Gents my girl K. Michelle have been blowing them charts up.  Went on tour.  Then, she took the stage and slayed it.  You can catch the encore of the show for the performance Tonight on BET.  She also, won Best New Artist.  You go my Diamond sistah! What I like best K. Michelle is trying squash the beef between her and Tamar.  Loving it women have enough of a struggle in any industry no need to fight each other. Do your thing K. Michelle super proud of you boo! Check out K. Michelle | Rebellious Soul Tour (Webisode #1): Let me know what you think about the awards and the performances down below. Much Love Darlings!!!

A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series S1 ep 6

"Check out #SoulTrainAwards REVIEW on GEMSpotTV" Diamonds and Gents Check out Episode 6! What think comment down below? Much Love Darlings!!!

#SoulTrainAwards 2013 REVIEW

"Check A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series Tomorrow at 10pmct  Click the Top Right Hand TAB!" Comment down below and let me know what you think.