Lamar Cheats N Raps about it --Khloe Wedding ring comes OFF

"Check out GEMSpotTV there are several videos up.  MOB Wives New Blood REVIEW!"

Good morning Diamonds and Gents!  Chile, Lamar Odom has lost all his mind.  So him and his shirtless friend are doing a video.  Now, in said video Lamar is rapping about cheating on his loyal wife Khloe Kardashian.  Now Ms. Khloe has stuck by this fool side through all his drug abuse and everything. 

Any who, he talking about how he still can make money without the NBA and all.  So TMZ spotted Khloe with her wedding ring boarding a plane on her way back home.  Then, I guess she learned about the video because a couple of days later you did not see that ring anymore.  Chile to much.

Khloe said this is the final straw no you not gonna be a drug addict and you cheating.  I'm a Kardashian get yo' life!

You would like to see the video here's the link:

What you think should she divorce him or not?  Comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!

Source: TMZ


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