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"Check Me out Every Saturday @ 1:30p ct.  On !" Much Love Darlings!!!

GUESS WHO? Yes "That Gem"

Every Saturday you can catch Ms. Tra'" That Gem" on @1:30p ct.  Also, for your makeup and fashion needs go to . Starting March 17th I'll be on air better then ever. I will be back on AIR Next Saturday.  I have been watching all the reality TV and yes tweeting and I'm ready.  Also, some more funny experiences have happen to me.  Gem Spot TV will be back this April 2012.  Can't wait for Better or Worse in July new episodes.  Also, can't wait for the new episodes of Love and Hip Hop ATL Style baby.  All yeah I'm watching Franchise Girls I mean Basketball Wives yeah Tami my girl. So Diamonds and Gents, I miss you'll!!!  Much Love to All My Darlings!!!  Will be back in full effect.