Toya got Arrested in Traffic stop (Memphitz wife & Lil Wayne baby Mama)

"Mark Your Calendar 4 the Christmas Special on Living It Up !"

Diamonds and Gents Toya Wright got arrested at a traffic stop.  Apparently Ms. Toya missed her court appearance so a warrant was issued out for her arrested.  She was taking to a near by station where her mug shot was taking.

Needless to say she was arrested for a speeding ticket that slipped through the cracks.  Toya said this was the worst experiences of her life.  She was traumatized by the treatment of the other prisoners.  She said it was inhumane.  The Tiny & Toya star said she may become an advocate for better treatment of inmates.

She was release Wednesday morning on a $290 bond.  All yeah as for the ticket girly said she is and will be working on the lead foot.

What you think about the former reality tv star? Comment down below.

Much Love Darlings!!!


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