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Diamonds and Gents that live in Chicago and you use public transportation to commute back and forth to work it's time to start complain.  Why That Gem?  Well, those that use the public transportation here in Chicago know that before they start this insinuative to have ex-cons cleaning the L during the day (By the way that cost them only 2.9 million a year.).  The L smelled like urine and there were snot tissue everywhere and it was just simply bad. 

Now I must say the Greenline which I think was the worst of them all is clean now. We have to deal with this so called fast system called Ventra.  Now we have to deal with stank to.  No, no CTA!  You all need to figure out a way to come up with a way to keep the daily clean up going.  That over night stuff will not work.  Because, by time you get it the vomit and other things will be good and marinated ugh. 

Well, Chicago commuters it's time to get on CTA about this one.  Now we can't do much about the Ventra.  But, this cleanliness thing will be a problem.

Chicago what you think?

Much Love Darlings!!!


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