Robin Roberts GAY?

"Check out special from A Diamond In A Ruff Web Series Tonight behind the scenes and bloopers!"

Diamonds and Gents I hope you all are having a lovely holiday!  Well Breaking News there are reports brewing that Robin Roberts thanked her girlfriend Amber of 10 years for being by her side through her illness.

Now wait now.  She said everyone around her knew professionally(co-workers) and publicly(family and friends).  She never lived her life in the shadows.  So explain why no one didn't know publicly yet.  So anyway, she said she had to finally acknowledge her publicly for being there for her.  "She was there in 2007 through my illness and also in 2012.  She seen good bad and ugly and was right there."  I must say this one shock me.

What you think shocked or you knew? Comment down below.

Have Joy, Love and be EMPOWERED!


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