Terrence Howard Missed Court Date & was Evicted

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Diamonds and Gents The Best Man Holiday star got evicted from his Broadway apartment in May.  Apparently, because he was behind on his rent in the sum of $51,907.85.  The Landlord filed a case against Mr. Howard and the court date was a few days ago.  Oh yeah and why my man didn't show up. 

So the judge founded in favor of the landlord.  But, wait the judge won't take the amount the landlord is claiming into play.  So the judge file a continuum in hopes of Mr. Howard showing up to defend himself.

Now, listen up Terrence you get your tail to that court room and handle your business, because that's a lot of money.  Just Saying.

If you haven't went and seen Best Man Holiday go see it.  It was good!

Have Joy, Love and Be Empowered!


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